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Consequences of Filing a Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you’re injured on the job in Los Angeles you may be entitled to collect workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can be extremely helpful as you fight to recover from a serious workplace injury, illness, or disease. It is important to make sure that you only submit a request for benefits if you have actually […] Read More

What is the Legal BAC in California?

In California, it’s against the law to drive if you’re under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol affects everyone differently, so how can police determine if you’re intoxicated in violation of the law? The state has drawn an arbitrary line which holds all drivers to the same standard. This standard relies on what is known as […] Read More

Bomb Threats in Los Angeles

There were more than 1,670 bomb threats made in the United States in 2015. While only a small percentage of these threats actually resulted in the detonation or explosion of a bomb, federal and state law enforcement officials were still tasked with investigating each and every threat. These investigations eat up valuable time, resources, and […] Read More

Understanding California’s 10-20-Life Gun Sentencing Enhancement

California has arguably some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Some of these laws affect a person’s right to own a gun, while others impose harsh penalties on individuals who commit crimes while using a gun. Until recently, individuals who used a gun to commit certain crimes were subject to mandatory minimum terms […] Read More

Overview of California’s Three Strikes Sentencing Law

In 1994, California imposed a radical new set of sentencing regulations that called for incredibly harsh penalties for individuals who were convicted of multiple crimes. The primary goal of California’s Three Strikes law is to deter individuals from committing crimes. However, the sentencing provision has mostly been responsible for unjustly sentencing criminal defendants to harsh […] Read More

Actress Arrested for Petty Theft in Los Angeles

Lainie Kazan, an actress popular for her role in the hit movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, was recently arrested for stealing food from a San Fernando Valley grocery store. Reports say that Kazan entered the store, filled up reusable shopping bags with groceries, and then immediately walked to her car without paying for the […] Read More

Fighting False Rape Allegations

In the last few months of 2017, thousands of women across the country spoke out about times they had been the victim of sexual assault. Some of these women spoke about unwanted touching, thwarted advances, and other relatively minor acts of sexual assault. Other women, however, brought forth allegations of rape. Many of these accusations […] Read More

What is an Accessory After the Fact?

The hunt for a gunman responsible for a fatal Monrovia shooting has come to a close. Earlier this week police arrested Jeremiah LaCroix after he surrendered himself at a Los Angeles correctional facility. LaCroix, who was also wanted in connection with a gang-related shooting, is reportedly responsible for killing one and injuring two others during […] Read More

What are Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude?

What is a crime involving moral turpitude? If you or someone you know has recently been arrested for a crime you may have heard this term thrown around. A crime involving moral turpitude is not a specific offense. Instead, a crime involving moral turpitude is a classification that can be assigned to a crime. If […] Read More

Weinstein Could Face Criminal Charges for Sexual Battery

Many of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein have been for incidents that occurred years ago. Many of these cases can never be prosecuted because California’s criminal statute of limitations has expired. There are, however, some allegations against Weinstein for recent incidents sexual misconduct. At least one Weinstein accuser, an actress who wishes to remain anonymous, […] Read More