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Is a Hit and Run a Felony in California?

The city of Los Angeles sees some 20,000 hit-and-run collisions annually. While the majority of those hit-and-runs cause only property damage, in 2014, twenty-seven people died in LA hit-and-run crashes, with another 144 being severely injured. Because of the number of hit-and-runs in Los Angeles, a city alert system now publishes information related to the Read more

The Truth Behind Driving with a Suspended License in Los Angeles

Most of us have been stopped for a traffic violation at one point or another. Some people are able to pay the fine, others hire an attorney to speak on their behalf, while some seek to get the case continued until they have the money to pay the fine. However, what happens when you are Read more

Rewards for Hit-and-Runs

hit-and-run crime scene

According to a recent article from the Los Angeles Daily News, a reward system is now offered to those who assist in the apprehension of hit-and-run-drivers.  The ordinance approved this week by the Los Angeles City Council seeks to “end the culture of driving apathy” and reduce the mounting hit-and-run incidents the city faces. The Read more

Poverty and License Suspensions

According to a recent article from the Los Angeles Times, driver’s license suspensions are pushing the poor deeper into poverty.  Traffic court fines combined with the escalating fees and penalties have led to driver’s license suspensions for 4.2 million Californians.  One in six drivers faces a suspension, pushing many low-income people deeper into poverty, according Read more

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