Sommer Salam

Sommer Salam Los Angeles Criminal Defense AttorneySommer Salam is a former criminal prosecutor who served as a District Attorney for over eight years before becoming a criminal defense attorney.

As a result of her substantial time at the D.A.’s office, Sommer Salam handled virtually every type of criminal case, from filing and investigation stages, to negotiating plea bargains, to motions and preliminary hearings, all the way through trial.

Sommer Salam’s level of experience handling this vast array of both felony and misdemeanor cases for so many years gives her a unique perspective on what the D.A. needs in order to successfully prosecute a case…and what it will take to weaken and eventually break the D.A.’s case.

In her final years at the District Attorney’s office, Sommer Salam specialized primarily in Domestic Violence cases at both the felony and misdemeanor levels, giving her a deep and specific understanding of cases involving Domestic Violence and how to beat them.

Prior to working at the District Attorney’s office, Sommer Salam worked as an attorney at a boutique civil litigation firm in Newport Beach, California, where she handled a wide variety of civil cases on both the plaintiff and defense sides, and where she achieved the skills and experience necessary to spot possible civil liabilities, issues or opportunities in a criminal case.

Even after taking numerous cases to trial, Sommer Salam’s record of trial wins is unmarred: she has never lost a trial. She is a zealous and caring advocate for her clients and will fight to the end to protect and defend their records, reputations, and freedom.

Sommer Salam obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she double-majored in English Literature and Sociology and minored in African American studies. She earned her law degree from the Chapman University Fowler School of Law, where she received a full Chapman University Merit Scholarship and stipend for her excellence in academic performance.  

Sommer Salam is fluent in English and Arabic and speaks conversational Spanish.