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Man Arrested After Driving Van Into Southern California CVS

A Southern California man has been arrested after driving his van into the wall of a CVS on Santa Monica Ave. According to reports, the driver was doing donuts in the parking lot before striking a tree, a parked car, and finally, the pharmacy. He fled the scene on foot but was tracked down by […] Read more

North Hollywood Aide Arrested For Child Molestation and Abuse

A teacher’s aide in Los Angeles has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing six elementary school children. According to reports, a group of 10 and 11-year-old children realized that they’d all been touched inappropriately by their classroom aide. They brought the issue to the attention of the administration at Oxnard Street Elementary in North Hollywood. […] Read more

Trafficking Arrests Surge Following Marijuana Legalization in California

Recreational marijuana has been legal in California for over a year. Since then, marijuana trafficking arrests at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) have surged by 166 percent. While it’s legal to walk around with small amounts of the drug, having large quantities in your possession is still a crime. Legalization Prompts Increase in Transport of […] Read more

NYPD Blue Actor Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

Actor Rick Schroder, of NYPD Blue Fame, was recently arrested on felony domestic violence charges in Los Angeles. This is the second time Schroder has been arrested for domestic violence in less than a month. According to reports, he and his girlfriend got into a verbal dispute which then escalated into a physical incident. Schroder […] Read more

Los Angeles Area Fertility Doctor Accused of Murder

Two years ago, a 45-year-old woman died when she reportedly fell down a flight of stairs at her Southern California home. Friends and family members called her healthy and strong. They were shocked that she could sustain fatal injuries in a fall. Their suspicions may have been warranted. Her husband, a respected fertility doctor in […] Read more

Police Seize 100 Pounds of Methamphetamine in Los Angeles Drug Bust

Police recently seized more than 100 pounds of methamphetamine in a South Los Angeles drug bust. The drugs have a street value of more than $1 million. The two men in possession of the drugs were arrested at the scene. They will both face criminal drug charges for possession of methamphetamine. Since they had so […] Read more

Two Los Angeles Area Doctors Arrested For Writing False Prescriptions

At least two Los Angeles area doctors have been arrested for selling opioids on the black market and writing false prescriptions. Thirty other medical professionals in California, Nevada, and Hawaii have been stripped of the right to prescribe drugs. The arrests were part of Operation Hypocritical Oath. The investigation was carried out by the Drug […] Read more

Yucaipa Father Arrested For Death of 6-Month-Old Daughter

A 28-year-old Los Angeles father has been arrested for his role in the sudden death of his infant daughter. According to reports, police received a call about a 6-month-old child who was not breathing. When they arrived at the scene, attempts to revive her were unsuccessful. The girl’s father was taken into custody on suspicion […] Read more

Sting Operation Results in Arrests of 15 Men For Solicitation

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. However, prostitution only exists because there are individuals willing to solicit sex in exchange for money. Over the past year, Los Angeles has allocated countless resources to stopping prostitution. In 2018, the Los Angeles Police Department made more than 230 prostitution-related arrests. The department’s efforts have extended into the […] Read more

Bakersfield May Face Animal Cruelty Charges for Dragging a Dog With an Electric Scooter

A Bakersfield woman may face criminal charges for dragging a dog behind her while riding an electric scooter. According to reports, the woman rode at least 100 yards while the dog was tethered to the scooter. She only came to a stop when witnesses were able to get her attention and express their concern about […] Read more

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