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Three Men Charged With Felony Vandalism for Destroying Trump’s Star on the Walk of Fame

Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been through a lot since the 2016 election. The star has been defaced or destroyed on at least 5 different occasions since he was elected. Three different men have been arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism. Two are accused of destroying the star with a […] Read More

Hesperia Man Arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance While Armed

A 32-year-old man is facing multiple criminal charges after storming into a Victorville bar and restaurant with a loaded assault rifle. According to reports, Francisco Felix was denied service because he didn’t have a valid ID. He ran out to his car, grabbed the loaded weapon, and returned to confront the manager. The two got […] Read More

Woman Arrested for Assault After Throwing Hot Coffee on Local Shop Owner

A Los Angeles woman was recently arrested for throwing a cup of hot coffee on a shop owner in Canoga Park. According to reports, the woman, who is homeless, had been asked to leave the donut shop on Friday. She returned on Sunday in a rage and began to threaten the shop owner. She threw […] Read More

Understanding Shock Probation

California believes that rehabilitation is an important component of the criminal justice system. Rehabilitation focuses on helping you get on the right track in life, rather than just punishing you for breaking the law. Probation plays a large role in the rehabilitative process. As part of probation, you can be required to attend counseling, abstain […] Read More

How a Section 991 Motion Could Affect Your Misdemeanor Criminal Case

You’re entitled to certain rights when you’re charged with a crime in California. These rights help to ensure that the criminal proceedings against you are fair and that you have every opportunity to defend yourself. One fundamental right includes the requirement that you’re arraigned before a judge within a reasonable time after your arrest. For […] Read More

Man Arrested in Suspected Los Angeles Jail Drug Smuggling Operation

An attempt to smuggle illegal drugs into a Los Angeles correctional facility has been thwarted by a K9 officer. According to the reports, police learned about a drug smuggling operation and secured a search warrant for the suspect’s home. A narcotics-sniffing police dog discovered methamphetamine and heroin valued at more than $40,000. The drugs were […] Read More

What is an Indictment?

If you’ve watched or read the news lately you may have noticed that one term has been popping up quite frequently: indictment. Rappers have been indicted for domestic violence. Mothers have been indicted for opioid-related drug crimes. Dozens of President’s associates have been indicted for a slew of crimes, ranging from financial crimes to lying […] Read More

What is a Subpoena?

When you’re arrested and charged with a crime in Los Angeles you have the right to defend yourself. In order to assert a strong defense, you’ll probably have to get some outside assistance. There may be witnesses who can offer helpful testimony or documents to support your case. What if a witness doesn’t want to […] Read More

Is a DUI a Felony in California?

It’s illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in California. While most first-time DUI offenses will be charged as misdemeanors, it is possible for DUI to be a felony. Getting a felony DUI can be devastating. The consequences of a conviction can stay with you for life. It’s important to understand […] Read More

California Abandons Money Bail In Favor of Risk Assessment

California will soon become the first state in the country to abandon its money bail system. Instead of assigning bail after arrest, a court will determine if a defendant should be detained based on their perceived threat to society. In theory, this should help to minimize racial bias in California’s criminal justice system. What is […] Read More