California Law

Is a Restraining Order Public Record, Can it Be Viewed By Anyone?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Oct 19, 2020 | California Law

Restraining orders are issued by a court and are intended to keep one person, the “restrained party,” away from another, the “protected party,” due to a threat of harassment or abuse posed by the restrained party. There are four different types of restraining orders: Domestic Violence Restraining Order Elder or Dependent Adult Abuse Restraining Order… read more

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Is it Legal to Own a Pet Sloth in California?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Oct 18, 2020 | California Law

Owning exotic pets has become a popular trend over the last few years. Hedgehogs, chimpanzees, and even chinchillas are among peoples’ favorites, and another animal that individuals increasingly like to keep as a pet is the sloth. Known for being slow-moving, “chill” animals, sloth ownership has been on the rise in several different states around… read more

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Can You Shoot Someone Who Breaks Into Your House?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Aug 31, 2020 | California Law

One question people across the country often wrestle with is what to do in the event someone breaks into your home. Would you shoot an intruder in order to protect yourself and your family? Legally speaking, can you? Because self-defense laws vary by state, the answer to this question depends on where you call home…. read more

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Five Popular Animals That are Illegal in California

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Aug 29, 2020 | California Law

Every state has its quirky laws that, at their best make for good trivia, and at their worst can be a real headache for residents. The same is true for California. The Golden State has some very strict laws on the books about which pets are permissible to own and keep. To be sure, the… read more

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