Sex Crimes

Southern California Uber Driver Accused of Rape

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Jan 16, 2020 | Sex Crimes

Uber can be really convenient. You can avoid traffic and not have to worry about driving if you’ve had a few drinks. However, there are increasing safety concerns when it comes to Uber – and those concerns aren’t about accidents. Those concerns center on sexual assaults, rapes, and murders committed by Uber drivers. Earlier this… read more

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What is the Age of Consent in California?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Nov 25, 2019 | Sex Crimes

Can a 16-year-old date an 18-year-old? Can a 15-year-old date a 19-year-old? Is it okay for teens to have sex if both are fully on board and want to willingly engage in the act? These questions – or similar variations – are asked more frequently than you might think. And, for good reason. When sex… read more

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Is It Illegal to Have Sex in a Car in Los Angeles?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Aug 14, 2019 | Sex Crimes

Maybe your date went really well. Or, perhaps you’re trying to steal a moment alone, away from the kids to be close to your spouse. Whatever the reason, you find yourself having sex in your car. Is that legal in California? Does it depend on where you’re parked? Or, is having sex in your car… read more

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North Hollywood Aide Arrested For Child Molestation and Abuse

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Jun 05, 2019 | Sex Crimes

A teacher’s aide in Los Angeles has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing six elementary school children. According to reports, a group of 10 and 11-year-old children realized that they’d all been touched inappropriately by their classroom aide. They brought the issue to the attention of the administration at Oxnard Street Elementary in North Hollywood…. read more

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Sting Operation Results in Arrests of 15 Men For Solicitation in Los Angeles

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Feb 14, 2019 | Sex Crimes

Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. However, prostitution only exists because there are individuals willing to solicit sex in exchange for money. Over the past year, Los Angeles has allocated countless resources to stopping prostitution. In 2018, the Los Angeles Police Department made more than 230 prostitution-related arrests. The department’s efforts have extended into the… read more

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4 Defenses to Statutory Rape in Los Angeles

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Jun 01, 2018 | Sex Crimes

Statutory rape is unlike most other sex crimes in California. Most sexually-based offenses involve situations where one person forces another person to engage in sexual activity against his or her will. Statutory rape, however, does not necessarily have to follow this same pattern. In fact, the sexual behavior at the very center of statutory rape… read more

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Bill Cosby Convicted of Aggravated Indecent Assault

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Apr 27, 2018 | Sex Crimes

Bill Cosby has been found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault by a Pennsylvania jury. His conviction is cheered by many as a victory for victims of sexual assault across the country. Many attribute Cosby’s downfall to the increased willingness of victims to come forward in the midst of the #MeToo movement. What… read more

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Can You Go to Jail for Giving Someone Herpes?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Mar 23, 2018 | Sex Crimes

Last year, singer/songwriter Usher was formally accused of exposing three of his former sexual partners to a sexually-transmitted disease. His former partners file a lawsuit in California claiming that the singer failed to disclose that he had herpes before engaging in sexual activities with them. The alleged sexual encounters all took place prior to 2012…. read more

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Fighting False Rape Allegations

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Jan 19, 2018 | Sex Crimes

In the last few months of 2017, thousands of women across the country spoke out about times they had been the victim of sexual assault. Some of these women spoke about unwanted touching, thwarted advances, and other relatively minor acts of sexual assault. Other women, however, brought forth allegations of rape. Many of these accusations… read more

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Weinstein Could Face Criminal Charges for Sexual Battery

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Jan 07, 2018 | Sex Crimes

Many of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein have been for incidents that occurred years ago. Many of these cases can never be prosecuted because California’s criminal statute of limitations has expired. There are, however, some allegations against Weinstein for recent incidents sexual misconduct. At least one Weinstein accuser, an actress who wishes to remain anonymous,… read more

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