Are Sex Offenders Required To Notify Neighbors And Employers In Los Angeles, CA?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Feb 27, 2023 | Sex Crimes
Are Sex Offenders Required To Notify Neighbors And Employers In Los Angeles, CA?

If you are a convicted sex offender in Los Angeles you are subject to strict reporting requirements and restrictions. These rules may affect what you can do, where you can live, and where you can work. If you break the rules, such as by failing to register, you could go back to jail.

It can be extremely difficult to live a normal life as a convicted sex offender and having to tell everyone can make it harder. As a result, many convicted sex offenders wonder if they must tell people like neighbors and employers that they are on the registry. The answer is usually no.

Housing Restrictions For Sex Offenders

Legally, you do not need to tell your neighbors that you are a sex offender. This is a relief for people who want to put their sex crimes in the past and get back to a normal life. However, under Megan’s Law, the State of California must give residents certain information about where a sex offender lives.

Los Angeles residents can input their addresses online and see if any registered sex offenders live around them. They use this database to make housing decisions and to protect their families. Even though you don’t have to tell your neighbors, they may already know you are a sex offender because of this public information.

Living Near Parks And Schools

No blanket rule prohibits sex offenders from living near parks and schools in Los Angeles. However, the court can impose certain restrictions on a case-by-case basis. If a judge decides that a sex offender is dangerous to children, they might ban them from living near places where children gather.

Furthermore, the court might impose restrictions as part of your probation or parole. This can include where you can live or if you are allowed to be near parks or schools.

Rules About Cohabitating

If you are a convicted sex offender, you can only live with specific people, including your family. You cannot live with anyone else who is a registered sex offender unless they are related by blood, marriage, or adoption.

If you are on probation or parole, the court may have more rules about who you can and cannot live with. For example, you might be prohibited from living with someone under the age of 18, even if they are family.

Notifying Employers About Prior Sex Offenses

In California, you are not required to tell your employer about being on the sex offender registry. California employers are not allowed to use the sex offender registry as a basis for hiring, firing, or demoting an employee. If they violate this rule, they can be sued and forced to pay damages.

This is different from many other states. California doesn’t allow employers to ask about prior criminal records at all, with a few exceptions. As a policy matter, California wants to prevent further punishing people after they have already served their time.

Exceptions: To Protect A Person At Risk

The exception to the general rule that employers cannot ask if you are on the sex offender registry is if they must ask “to protect a person at risk.” This applies to very select industries that work with high-risk populations. For example, daycares, schools, and hospitals may ask about a criminal record to protect vulnerable people.

In these cases, the employer will ask a question on the application and may run a background check or cross reference the sex offender registry. You’ll get an idea if they are considering your criminal record when applying. However, for the most part, you won’t need to worry about revealing your criminal record to Los Angeles employers.

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