Should I Hire a Lawyer if I’m Being Investigated for a Sex Crime?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Jul 13, 2023 | Sex Crimes

Sex crimes range from misdemeanors to felonies under California law. Depending on the charges, the presence of a criminal history, and other factors, a person could face substantial prison time for a sex crime conviction.

In some situations, law enforcement agents investigate an alleged offense for weeks or months before making an arrest. Generally, the officers treat people under investigation with politeness and respect. They do not want them to “lawyer up” during the investigation.

However, the statements you make during the early stages of a criminal investigation can substantially impact the outcome of your sex crimes case. A statement you make could mean the difference between being acquitted or convicted.

Therefore, as soon as police officers ask questions or you suspect that you might be under investigation for sex crimes, contact a Los Angeles sex crimes lawyer immediately.

Hiring a lawyer is not a sign of guilt, even though police officers might tell you otherwise. Instead, hiring a Los Angeles sex crimes lawyer is a smart thing to do. Hiring a criminal lawyer as early as possible in the investigation has numerous benefits, including:

Protecting You From Making Incriminating Statements

The first thing a criminal defense lawyer will tell you is to exercise your right to remain silent. You should not meet with law enforcement agents or answer questions without your lawyer present.

Police officers and investigators use numerous tactics when questioning people. They might try to make you believe they are on your side and know you are innocent. The officer might tell you they are only trying to help you clear your name.

Instead, law enforcement officers are building a case against you. The more they can get you to talk, the more evidence they can collect. Your attorney will speak to the police on your behalf because your attorney truly wants to clear your name.

Questioning Violations of Your Civil Rights

The United States Constitution includes many rights that protect individuals from unlawful and wrongful acts by law enforcement agencies. Your attorney analyzes all actions taken by police officers to determine if they violated your rights.

For example, if the police conducted an unlawful search, your attorney may file a motion to suppress evidence. If the judge agrees that the search was unlawful, they can suppress the evidence so that it is not used in court against you.

Preparing a Defense

You are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The state has the burden to prove you are guilty of sex crimes beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, you might find yourself in prison if you assume the state cannot get a guilty verdict, even if you are innocent.

Hiring a Los Angeles sex crimes attorney as soon as you realize there is an investigation gives you an advantage. Your attorney begins investigating the potential charges against you to gather evidence in your favor. Your lawyer can explore possible alibis, prepare a timeline of events, take witness statements, and work with a private investigator, if necessary.

The earlier you begin preparing your defense, the better your chances of avoiding a conviction.

Advising You Regarding Subpoenas and Other Investigative Tools

Law enforcement agents may execute subpoenas for documents and other evidence. You cannot ignore a subpoena.

However, you have the right to legal counsel regarding your rights to challenge the subpoena in court. Your attorney will also advise you which documents or evidence falls within the scope of the subpoena and must be turned over to the police.

Negotiating With the Prosecutor

If the prosecutor questions whether to charge you with a crime, your attorney will discuss the case with them to determine if another option exists. Your lawyer might be able to negotiate for a charge reduction and lighter sentence as part of a plea deal, even before the state files charges.

Bail and Release

When you already have an attorney during the investigation stage of a sex crimes case, you can make preparations for your release after an arrest. Your attorney can work with the prosecution for a voluntary surrender instead of an arrest. Your Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer works with you in advance to formalize a plan for posting bail to get you out of jail as quickly as possible.

Seek Legal Advice Now if You Are Under Investigation for Sex Crimes in Los Angeles, CA

Are you currently under investigation for sex crimes? If so, now is the time to meet with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case. Having a former prosecutor as your attorney means you have someone with insider knowledge fighting for you.

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