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Koreatown Criminal Defense LawyerHave you recently been arrested or charged with a crime in Koreatown, Los Angeles, California?

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Why Should I Call The Rodriguez Law Group If I’m Facing Criminal Charges in Koreatown?

lawyerIf you’ve been placed under arrest or charged with a crime, your future is at stake. A conviction can turn your world upsidedown. It can change the course of your life forever. And, don’t underestimate just how hard the state will work to win its criminal case against you. Prosecutors will take whatever time and invest whatever resources are necessary to build a strong case against you.

You have the Constitutional right to defend yourself. By presenting a strong defense and attacking the state’s case at every turn, you can fight yourself a fighting chance to protect your future. And, that’s what the Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at the Rodriguez Law Group are prepared to help you do.

When you hire our law firm, you level the playing field. You’ll have hard-working, experienced attorneys who genuinely care about you advocating on your behalf. You’ll benefit from attorneys who know how the system works because they used to be a part of that system. That can be a huge asset to you as you navigate the criminal process.

Our law firm will carefully investigate your alleged crime. We’ll gather evidence and review it with the aid of experts. We’ll track down witnesses and comb through whatever the state provides during discovery. We’ll dig into the state’s case against you and determine where it’s weakest, and attack it. We’ll challenge the validity of your arrest and any evidence seized by law enforcement. We’ll stand by your side and fight tirelessly to win your case.

Thanks to our dedication to our clients, hard work, and dynamic legal strategies, we’re able to get charges dropped, convince judges to toss evidence, and win verdicts for our Koreatown clients time and time again.

Our criminal lawyers in Los Angeles are ready and willing to help you defend yourself. You just have to call us and ask for our help. There’s no time like the present to get started, so pick up the phone and contact us today.

What’s Koreatown, Los Angeles Like?

Koreatown takes up less than 3 square miles in the center of Los Angeles. However, there’s a lot going on in this diverse and vibrant neighborhood. Years ago, Koreatown was the place to be in Hollywood. It was home to iconic landmarks – including the Brown Derby and the Ambassador Hotel.

Today, Koreatown is less Hollywood and more of a party. During the day, Koreatown is a haven for residents and tourists who love to shop. No other small community in the nation has more shopping malls, markets, boutiques, and shops. And, it’s a must-visit for anywho who enjoys a good cup of coffee, dessert, and patbingsoo.

At night, Koreatown transforms into a hot spot for partygoers. In fact, Koreatown has one of the largest concentrations 24-hour businesses, restaurants, and nightclubs in Los Angeles County and all the United States.

Demographics of Koreatown, LA

The neighborhood of Koreatown is just 2.7 square miles. However, more than 124,000 call this little piece of Los Angeles home. That’s 42,611 people per square mile. Few neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California, or the nation have a higher population density than that.

Who Lives in Koreatown? Despite its name, Koreatown is actually mostly Latino. 53.5 percent of the population identifies as such. At 32.2 percent, Asian residents account for nearly a third of the population.

What’s the Income in Koreatown? The median household income in Koreatown is $30,558. Compared to other neighborhoods in Los Angeles, it is rather low. In fact, Koreatown has a high percentage of households where income is less than $20,000 per year.

How Old Are Residents in Koreatown? Koreatown has a high percentage of residents between the ages of 19 and 34. In fact, the median age of a person living in Koreatown is 30. There are also a lot of 35-49-year-olds, as well as a considerable number of kids under the age of 10.

Do a Lot of Veterans Live in Koreatown? Not really, no. Only 3.3 percent of the population are veterans. Most of those veterans served in the military between 1975 and 1989 or between 1990 and 1999.

Are Most Koreatown Residents Foreign Born? Yes. More than two-thirds of the people who live in Koreatown were born outside of the United States. Compared to other Los Angeles neighborhoods and places across the country, that figure is quite high. Most of these residents were born in either Korea or Mexico.

Is Crime a Problem in Koreatown?

When it comes to grading crime, Koreatown gets a “C.” So, it could be better and it could be worse. According to some who live there, they feel “pretty safe.” They admit that there is some crime, but that it really doesn’t affect them all that much.

So, how much crime is there in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles? Here’s a breakdown of crime rates in Koreatown for certain violent crimes and property crimes, as compared to those same rates for the nation.


  • Koreatown: 273.7 per 100k
  • National: 282.7 per 100k


  • Koreatown: 3.3 per 100k
  • National: 6.1 per 100k


  • Koreatown: 257.3 per 100k
  • National: 135.5 per 100k

So, crimes like assault and murder happen less in Koreatown than in other parts of the country. Robbery, on the other hand, is more of a problem. Many of these robberies and violent offenses are believed to have some connection to gang activity in Koreatown.


  • Koreatown: 798.1 per 100k
  • National: 500.1 per 100k


  • Koreatown: 946.4 per 100k
  • National: 2,042. 8 per 100k

Motor Vehicle Theft

  • Koreatown: 307.3 per 100k
  • National:  284per 100k

Burglary and motor vehicle theft are a bit high, compared to other cities in the United States. However, crimes of theft are less problematic in Koreatown.

Where is the Police Station in Koreatown, LA?

There are three police departments that patrol and serve the neighborhood of Koreatown.

Olympic Community Police Station

The Olympic Community Police Station is located at:

1130 S. Vermont

Los Angeles, CA 90006

To reach the station, call 213-382-9102 or 213-382-4365.

Rampart Community Police Station

The Rampart Community Police Station is located at:

1401 West 6th St.

Los Angeles, CA 90017

To reach the station, call 213-484-3400.

Wilshire Community Police Station

The Wilshire Community Police Station is located at:

4861 West Venice

Los Angeles, CA 90019

To reach the station, call 213-473-0476.

We Handle All Criminal Matters in Koreatown, Los Angeles

At the Rodriguez Law Group, we represent clients in Koreatown and all surrounding areas. If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime, please do not delay in calling us for help. Our defense team handles all criminal matters, including:

If you’ve already been convicted, our team can help you file a petition to get your record expunged. Or, we can prepare your case for the appeals process and help you fight to get your conviction overturned. We have decades of experience defending clients in California state court and against federal criminal charges. Call so that our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys can get to work to help you, too.

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Koreatown never sleeps. There’s always something going on. There’s always something to do. So, you better believe that the Los Angeles Police Department always has officers patrolling the streets. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law or accused of a crime, don’t hesitate to contact the Rodriguez Law Group for help.

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