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Los Angeles Felony Probation LawyerIf you are searching for a Los Angeles felony probation lawyer, The Rodriguez Law Group can help. Probation can be a saving grace if you are convicted of a felony; it may allow you to remain in the community instead of going into custody. However, probation comes with difficult conditions that you must follow.

Our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers at The Rodriguez Law Group have helped countless clients through the felony probation process in California. We can be your advocate in seeking felony probation on your charges.

No matter what your goals are relating to felony probation, contact The Rodriguez Law Group today at (213) 995-6767. We have over 40 years of combined experience handling serious criminal matters including domestic violence cases, Los Angeles homicide cases, sex crimes, drug crimes, and more. We offer free consultations to clients in Los Angeles, CA.

How Can The Rodriguez Law Group Help with Felony Probation in Los Angeles?

You need legal representation to give yourself the best odds of securing probation. Additionally, you may need a lawyer to fight back if you are accused of violating a condition of probation and in danger of revocation.

Los Angeles felony probation lawyer Ambrosio Rodriguez has helped many clients fight probation revocation hearings. He has also successfully argued for probation as an alternative to incarceration after a conviction.

When you hire The Rodriguez Law Group in Los Angeles, California, we will:

  • Investigate your underlying charges to determine eligibility for parole
  • Build persuasive arguments about your merits as a parole candidate
  • Defend you if you’re accused of violating your parole conditions
  • Cross examine the witnesses against you
  • Hold the prosecution to their high burdens of proof

If you are seeking felony probation in Los Angeles, contact our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys right away. We will work tirelessly to achieve your goals.

How Long is Felony Probation in Los Angeles?

Probation is a period of state supervision for a defendant as part of their sentence for a crime. Probation is typically an alternative to incarceration. When the judge grants probation, a prison sentence is stayed. This means the prison sentence will only apply if you violate the conditions of probation.

The length of felony probation in Los Angeles can vary depending on the specific crime you are convicted of — and what the judge decides to do in your specific case. A recent probation reform law, Assembly Bill 1950, took effect in January 2021. This law limits the maximum term of probation to two years for most non-violent felonies.

There are still many felonies that have potential probation terms exceeding two years. If the maximum possible probation term for a crime exceeds two years, it will be specified by statute. Violent or serious felonies are likely to have longer probation terms.

You should work with your lawyer to determine the maximum possible probation term in your case.

What are the Conditions of Felony Probation in Los Angeles?

Felony probation in Los Angeles is also known as “formal probation.” There are many possible conditions of formal probation; the judge has wide latitude to impose these conditions as they see fit.

Some common conditions include:

  • Frequent meetings with a probation officer
  • Drug testing
  • Payment of restitution
  • Maintaining employment
  • Obeying no-contact orders
  • Home visits / searches
  • Community service
  • Avoiding any new violations of the law
  • Participating in a treatment or counseling program

A minor violation of these conditions may not lead to a revocation. However, serious violations are likely to lead to revocation proceedings.

What Happens After Probation Violations in Los Angeles?

If your probation officer suspects you of violating a condition of probation, they can issue a warrant for your arrest. Once arrested, you will be held in custody pending a revocation hearing.

At the revocation hearing, there are three possible outcomes for violations of probation terms:

  • Conditions of probation are modified
  • Conditions of probation are reinstated with a warning
  • A sanction, such as “Flash Incarceration,” is imposed
  • Probation is revoked, and the probationer is sent to prison

Flash incarceration is a period of jail time imposed for probation violations; it can last between one and ten days.

Probation violations and revocation hearings are extremely serious. The law makes it much easier for the state to revoke your probation than convict you of a crime. For instance, the burden of proof at trial in a criminal case is beyond a reasonable doubt. The easier preponderance of the evidence standard applies at revocation hearings.

Additionally, unreliable hearsay evidence that would be inadmissible at trial can be used against you at a revocation.

At a revocation hearing, you have the right to:

  • The right to a lawyer,
  • The right to testify, and
  • The right to present evidence of innocence and mitigating circumstances.

You will want to work with an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer like the ones at The Rodriguez Law Group to build a strong defense and fight the alleged violations.

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