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Los Angeles Pimping Pandering AttorneyAre you facing criminal charges for pimping and pandering in Los Angeles? If so, you should seek the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Mr. Rodriguez is a former prosecutor with over 18 years of experience. As a prosecutor, he led the sex crimes team. He understands how the prosecution builds a case against you and will use this knowledge to your advantage.

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Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney After Your Arrest

A conviction for pimping and pandering in Los Angeles will be devastating. You will face lengthy terms of imprisonment, steep fines, and a life burdened with a criminal record. If your conduct involved a minor, you will also be required to register with the state as a sex offender, which will destroy your future. If you are facing criminal charges for pimping and pandering do not hesitate to contact Ambrosio Rodriguez for a free consultation.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer will help you attain the best possible outcome for your case. That can mean getting your charges reduced, or even dropped. Facing charges does not mean that you will be convicted. This all depends on the details of your case and how much time your attorney has to examine all the evidence against you. Contact a skilled attorney at The Rodriguez Law Group today to get started on your defense.

What is Pimping and Pandering?

Pimping and pandering are two distinct, but related, criminal offenses in California. Pimping refers to receiving compensation in the form of a fee from a prostitute’s conduct. Pandering refers to the recruitment, encouragement, and advertising of a prostitute. In simpler terms, the panderer sets everything in motion and the pimp collects a fee.


Pimping, as defined in California Penal Code 266h PC, is the crime of receiving (or trying to receive) compensation from a prostitute’s earnings. A pimp is generally considered to be the boss of a prostitution ring, taking a piece of every fee a prostitute earns.  You can be charged with pimping in Los Angeles under 266h PC if you:

  • Knowingly receive compensation, financial support, and/or financial assistance from compensation earned through prostitution;
  • Are compensated (or attempt to be compensated) compensation for soliciting for someone engaged in prostitution.

So, you can be charged with pimping if you knowingly receive money from someone you know is a prostitute or receive a fee for finding customers for a prostitute. It is important to understand that knowledge is an essential element of this crime. You cannot be convicted of pimping if you were not aware that the person you are receiving financial support from was working in prostitution.


Pandering, as defined in California Penal Code Section 266i PC, is the crime of aiding someone engaged in prostitution. There are a variety of actions and behaviors that can trigger criminal liability for pandering in Los Angeles. You can be charged with pandering under 266i PC if you, with the intent to influence someone to become a prostitute:

  • Persuade another person to become a prostitute;
  • Use promises, threats, violence, or other schemes to persuade or force another person to become a prostitute or continue working as a prostitute;
  • Use fraud, trickery, duress, or the abuse of a position of power to persuade someone to engage in prostitution;
  • Arrange for someone to engage in prostitution in a brothel; or
  • Receive or give (or agree to receive or give) something of value in exchange for someone becoming a prostitute.

Essentially, you can be charged with pandering if you persuade, force, or cause someone to become (and/or remain) a prostitute. Pandering encompasses a wide range of behavior, from soliciting to advertising to procuring Johns. Any behavior that assists a prostitute, or helps someone to engage in prostitution, can be considered pandering.

Penalties for Pimping and Pandering

Criminal Consequences

Pimping and pandering are felony offenses in California. If there are no aggravating factors present in your case, a conviction can be punished by:

  • Three, four, or six years in a California state penitentiary;
  • $15,000 in fines; and/or
  • Formal probation.

If you are convicted of pimping or pandering a minor you will be required to register as a sex offender in the state of California. If the minor who is affected by your pimping and pandering is under the age of 16 you will also face up to eight years in prison and potential criminal charges for human trafficking. Human trafficking is an extremely serious crime that carries the possibility of life imprisonment and up to $500,000 in fines.

Collateral Consequences

In addition to jail time, fines, and the possible requirement to register as a sex offender, you will also face significant collateral consequences for your pimping and pandering conviction. These are social and civil penalties that affect you simply because you have a criminal record. Collateral consequences of a conviction for pimping and/or pandering include:

  • Loss of child custody and/or visitation rights;
  • Loss of the right to own and/or possess a firearm;
  • Inability to work in certain fields, including education, healthcare, and the government;
  • Inability to participate in helpful government welfare programs;
  • Difficulty securing gainful employment; and
  • Difficulty renting or purchasing a home.

Defenses to Pimping and Pandering

You have the right to argue any legal defense that may help to explain, excuse, and/or justify your alleged criminal behavior. Hiring an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to make these arguments on your behalf will increase the likelihood of securing a positive outcome in your case. Defenses that may be helpful in your pimping and/or pandering case include:

  • Entrapment;
  • Lack of required knowledge;
  • Lack of required intent;
  • False accusation and/or mistaken identity; and/or
  • Violation of Constitutional rights.

Experienced Los Angeles Pimping and Pandering Attorney

We know that your future is at stake and will fight aggressively to achieve the best possible outcome in your criminal case. We will investigate your alleged crime and determine weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you. Using this information, we will fight to get a reduction or dismissal of the pimping and pandering charges against you. Early intervention is crucial for a successful defense, so do not hesitate to call us today.

Last Updated on January 8, 2021