Los Angeles Pimping and Pandering Attorney

Los Angeles Pimping and Pandering Attorney

Are you facing pimping and pandering charges in Los Angeles, CA? These serious felony sex offenses come with harsh penalties if you are convicted. You need the experienced legal representation of an experienced Los Angeles pimping and pandering lawyer to help you fight for your freedom and good name.

For over 20 years, The Rodriguez Law Group has represented clients in L.A. facing crimes of pimping. Call our dedicated legal professionals today for a free case review with a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who is ready to fight for you.

How The Rodriguez Law Group Can Help if You’re Charged with Pimping and Pandering in Los Angeles

Pimping and pandering are common sex crimes in Los Angeles, California, with harsh penalties. In addition to the social stigma, you face an unsympathetic prosecutor who will likely seek the maximum penalties allowed by law. With your freedom on the line, you deserve an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney to help you build the strongest defense possible.

The team at the Rodriguez Law Group was founded by Ambrosio E. Rodriguez, who worked as a Senior Deputy District Attorney for 13 years. His insights are invaluable in fighting criminal charges and building strong legal defenses for his clients. 

Hire our Los Angeles pimping defense team, and we will use our reputation and expertise to:

  • Offer the sound guidance and legal advice you need
  • Protect your constitutional rights
  • Assess the strengths and potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you and gather exculpatory evidence
  • Seek to have illegally obtained evidence suppressed
  • Negotiate with the prosecution for reduced charges or a plea deal if they have a strong case
  • Present a persuasive defense during trial to raise reasonable doubt and argue the prosecution did not meet the burden of proof
  • Offer a compelling argument for lenient sentencing if your case goes to court 

You do not have to face serious felony charges alone. Call The Rodriguez Law Group today for a free case review with a Los Angeles pimping and pandering defense attorney who can explain your rights and options. Contact us online or at (213) 995-6767 to learn how we can help you.

What is Pandering & Pimping in California?

Under California law, prostitution and/or solicitation is generally a misdemeanor, but pimping and pandering charges are generally felonies. Pimping refers to taking money from someone who is engaged in prostitution. Pandering refers to promoting or facilitating prostitution. 

These charges are similar and may be charged separately or together, but pandering focuses on persuasion without the receipt of money.

What Is a Pandering Crime in California?

Pandering under California Penal Code 266i PC is the crime of attempting to influence or persuade a person to become or remain a prostitute.

It may also refer to facilitating or encouraging acts of prostitution. 

Pandering may refer to:

  • Trickery or fraud
  • Promises or persuasion
  • Violence or threats
  • Brothel arrangements
  • Financial compensation 

You may be charged with pandering for entering a place where prostitution is allowed, using fraud or persuasion to convince someone to engage in prostitution, or procuring someone for the purpose of prostitution.

Pandering is a felony under California law.

What Is Pimping in California?

Under Penal Code 266h PC, pimping is defined as receiving money from someone else’s work as a prostitute. 

You can be charged with pimping if you know the person is a prostitute and:

  • The money the prostitute earns is used to support you in part or whole, or
  • The money that is loaned to a prostitute is used to support you or
  • You ask for and receive money from a prostitute in exchange for soliciting customers. 

Pimping may be charged in many circumstances, such as asking for money from a prostitute after referring someone to her as a client. Also, you may be charged if you use a prostitute’s money earned from commercial sex acts for your living expenses.

Someone who solicits clients on behalf of a prostitute but does not receive compensation is not guilty of pimping. Instead, this offense may be charged as supervising or aiding a prostitute.

What Other Offenses Are Related to Pimping and Pandering?

There are several offenses similar to pandering and pimping that may be charged instead of or in conjunction with a pimping or pandering charge.

Supervising or Aiding a Prostitute

This is California’s misdemeanor pimping and pandering statute. California Penal Code 653.23 PC makes it a misdemeanor offense to direct, recruit, supervise, or aid another in the commission of prostitution or receive money earned from someone’s prostitution. This offense makes it easier to charge people for prostitution and pimping.

A common example is attempting to procure someone a prostitute without the exchange of money. It can also include serving as a “lookout” for a pimp, driving a prostitute to an area to find clients, or regularly communicating with a known prostitute.

Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

Under Penal Code 272 PC, it is a crime to act in a way that results in a minor becoming a habitual truant, juvenile delinquent, or dependent in the juvenile court system.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is defined under Penal Code 236.1 PC as:

  • Depriving someone of their freedom with the intent of forcing services or labor,
  • Depriving someone of their freedom with an intent of violating state law regarding sexual exploitation of a child or commercial sexual activity, or
  • Persuading a minor to engage in a commercial sexual act 

Human trafficking is similar to pimping. However, it is charged if the person engaged in prostitution is deprived of their freedom.

Human trafficking is a serious felony that may be punishable by up to 20 years in prison, a fine of up to $500,000, and registration as a sex offender.

What is the Average Sentence For a Pandering Charge in Los Angeles, CA?

If you are convicted of pimping or pandering, you face a lengthy prison sentence. These crimes are also considered crimes of moral turpitude and may qualify for sex offender registration.

Pandering and prostitution are both punishable by up to 6 years in prison if there are no aggravating factors. If the prosecution has a strong case against you, and if you are eligible, your Los Angeles defense attorney may seek probation as an alternative to prison time.

California’s lesser misdemeanor pimping and pandering charge, “supervising or aiding a prostitute,” can be punishable by up to 6 months in jail. This charge also qualifies for informal or unsupervised probation, depending on your prior criminal record.

Penalties for pimping and pandering are enhanced if the other party is a minor under 18. Pimping or pandering a minor can be punishable by up to 8 years in prison. It also requires registering as a sex offender for life.

A human trafficking charge carries a much harsher penalty. This can be punishable by 20 years or life in prison.

What Defenses Can a Pimping and Pandering Attorney in Los Angeles Raise on My Behalf?

If you are charged with pimping or pandering in Los Angeles, you may have several legal defenses available to you. The experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at The Rodriguez Law Group will help you explore the best possible defense strategies.

The following defense strategies may be available.

  • Lack of intent. Pandering is a crime that requires specific intent. The prosecution has the burden of proving you purposefully engaged in persuasion, threats, or other activities to influence someone to remain or become a prostitute. If you had no intent to encourage someone to engage in prostitution, you are not guilty of pandering.
  • False accusations. This is a common defense when the prostitute is in a romantic relationship with the defendant. You may have been falsely accused due to jealousy, revenge, or to reduce the other party’s criminal liability.
  • Entrapment. Many pandering and pimping charges are made following an undercover sting operation. You may have a defense if law enforcement pressured you into committing the crime through harassment, pressure, threats, or fraud.
  • No knowledge. A pimping charge requires that you know you were receiving money from a prostitute. If you were not aware the person was a prostitute, you have a valid defense. 

We will also explore whether your constitutional rights were violated during your investigation, arrest, and questioning. If your rights were violated, we will seek to have evidence against you suppressed.

Contact The Rodriguez Law Group today to begin exploring defense strategies. We will give you the robust legal defense you deserve.  

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Pimping and pandering are serious felonies in Los Angeles that can be punishable by years in prison. Depending on your circumstances, you may even face human trafficking charges. But remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. The skilled criminal defense attorneys at the Rodriguez Law Group will make it as hard as possible for the prosecution to meet their burden of proof.

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