Long Beach Jail

Long Beach JailThe city of Long Beach and the Long Beach Police Department work together to fund and operate a jail. Most of the inmates in this jail have been arrested by the Long Beach Police Department for various misdemeanors and felonies.

Although no one wants to spend time incarcerated, the Long Beach jail has a reputation for being cleaner and safer than the jails operated by Los Angeles County.

Fortunately, the county operates a program that allows certain inmates to serve their time in a city jail instead of one of the county’s facilities.

Who Gets Held in the Long Beach Jail?

Who Gets Held in the Long Beach Jail?The Long Beach jail has two facilities. The men’s facility has 132 beds, while the women’s facility has 70 beds. The Long Beach jail holds two types of inmates.

Long Beach Police Department Arrestees

When someone gets arrested for violating California state law in Long Beach, the city’s police department investigates the crime. The patrol division responds to 911 calls. It also handles traffic enforcement. The officers conduct the initial investigation. If they gather enough evidence, they will make an arrest and transport the arrestee to jail.

Suppose patrol officers stop someone for weaving in traffic and suspect the driver of driving under the influence. They can ask the driver for a breathalyzer test, and if the test shows a blood alcohol level above the legal limit, the officers have probable cause to arrest the suspect.

Or suppose that a business owner calls the police about a suspected embezzlement. Detectives will look at hundreds of financial records and interview employees before making an arrest.

In either case, the person arrested would be transported to the Long Beach jail.

County Inmates in the Inmate Worker Program

Los Angeles County Jails form the most populous county jail system in the U.S. The county operates six jails, two of which are currently closed. These jails are notorious. In the first nine months of 2023, 37 inmates died in LA County jails. Some inmates suffered violent deaths, and many died from suicide due to a lack of supervision and access to mental health care.

Fortunately, the county runs a program that allows county inmates sentenced to jail time to serve their sentences in city jails. Unlike other jails, the Long Beach jail provides very little public information about how to join this program, variously called the “trustee,” “pay-to-stay,” or “inmate worker” program.

A judge must approve your application. Judges in Long Beach will likely use the criteria used in other jails, such as the ability to pay for your stay, no extraordinary medical needs, and no violent offenses, to determine your eligibility.

In Long Beach, you must also work while in the program. As a result, you must have the ability to perform manual tasks, such as:

  • Janitorial work
  • Food preparation
  • Painting
  • Light maintenance
  • Moving furniture

Another benefit of serving time in the Long Beach jail instead of LA County jails is the city jail has a weekender program. This program allows inmates to serve time from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Contrary to the program’s name, inmates do not need to serve their days on weekends. They can schedule any day to serve their time, subject to the jail’s approval.

How To Get Someone Released From the Long Beach Jail

Except for those in the pay-to-stay program, Long Beach jail inmates are only held until their first court appearance. They leave in three ways.

Release on Recognizance

At the bail hearing, the judge can release an inmate on recognizance. Most inmates charged with non-violent offenses can ask for release without paying bail.

Release on Bail

Judges can set bail to ensure the defendant returns to court. 

You may pay bail in many ways, including:

  • Cash
  • Property deed
  • Bail bond

You can think of bail as collateral. Once the case ends, the bail is returned.

Transfer To County Jail

Judges can hold inmates without bail. Additionally, some inmates cannot afford the bail set by the judge. These inmates get transferred to the LA County jail system until trial.

The Important Role of a California Criminal Defense Attorney If You’ve Been Arrested

Criminal defense lawyers argue for reasonable release conditions for inmates. This allows inmates to work and plan a defense for their charges. Contact The Rodriguez Law Group you can call us at (213)-995-6767 to learn how we can help get your loved one released from the Long Beach jail.