Pasadena, CA Jail

Pasadena, CA JailThe Pasadena Police Department Jail Section, commonly called the Pasadena Jail, is operated by the City of Pasadena as a type I jail facility. This means the jail is designed to hold most inmates only temporarily until they get released or transferred to a Los Angeles County jail facility.

The Pasadena Jail has 140 beds. In a recent monthly report, the Pasadena Police Department (Pasadena PD) indicated that it arrested about 330 people, or roughly 11 people per day. Thus, the jail has the capacity to hold roughly 14 days’ worth of arrestees. As a tier I facility, however, the jail will typically hold arrestees no longer than four days, excluding weekends and holidays.

Facts About the Pasadena Jail

Facts About the Pasadena JailThe Pasadena Jail is located at 207 Garfield Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101. It is in the Pasadena PD’s building on Garfield Ave. between Thurgood Marshall St. and Walnut St. To visit the jail, you can park in the paid parking garage at 240 Ramona St. across the street from the jail.

The facility holds both male and female arrestees and inmates, although they are held in separate areas. The facility has visitation once per day, but visitation of arrestees is unusual since they are held for such a short period.

Who Gets Booked Into the Pasadena Jail?

The Pasadena Jail holds two types of inmates:

Arrestees of Pasadena PD

The Pasadena PD enforces California state laws as well as the ordinances of the City of Pasadena. Most of the arrests in the city come from violations of state law. When the Pasadena PD arrests someone, they typically book the arrestee at the Pasadena Jail. 

According to the monthly arrest report for May of 2022, the department’s most recent report, some of the most common crimes for which the Pasadena PD makes arrests include:

The Pasadena PD receives thousands of calls for assistance each week. The department dispatches officers from the patrol division to conduct a preliminary investigation. During this investigation, the officers may develop probable cause to believe that a suspect committed a crime. They can act on this and make an arrest on the spot without a warrant.

If the facts require more investigation, the investigation division can dispatch detectives from the criminal investigation division to gather additional evidence. Once they develop enough evidence to support criminal charges, they can make an arrest, typically with an arrest warrant setting out the probable cause.

In either case, the police will transport the arrestee to the Pasadena PD’s building. They will book the arrestee into the jail by opening a file and taking mugshots. For most offenses, the police will search the arrestee and detain them in the Pasadena Jail until their first court appearance.

The first court appearance typically happens between 48 and 96 hours after booking. But LA County Courts do not hold arraignments or hearings on weekends or holidays. As a result, the jail may detain arrestees longer if they are booked on Fridays or before a holiday.

Participants in the Fee-Paying Inmate Program

The Fee-Paying Inmate Program allows people convicted of non-violent, non-drug misdemeanors to serve their sentences in the Pasadena Jail instead of with the general population at an LA County jail facility. While in the Pasadena Jail, the program participants are held in a separate pod from the general population. In theory, this keeps the participants safe while they serve their time.

In order to be eligible for the Fee-Paying Inmate Program, the convict may be required to meet certain requirements. 

Currently, to enter the program, the convicted person must:

  • Get the sentencing judge’s permission on a commitment order for the Pasadena Jail
  • Apply to the Pasadena Jail for admission to the program
  • Pay a fee for their incarceration

Someone entering the Fee-Paying Inmate Program might also need to meet certain medical requirements. Currently, participants must get a COVID-19 vaccine and a negative tuberculosis test before reporting to the jail.

Getting Out of the Pasadena Jail

Inmates in the Pasadena Jail get out in three ways:

Released After Arraignment and a Bail Hearing

Since the Pasadena Jail is only a temporary holding facility, arrestees are held only until their first court appearance. Appearance almost always includes two parts. During the arraignment, the court informs the defendant of the charges and asks them to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.

During the bail hearing, the court determines whether to release the defendant and what conditions to impose. California has a preference for release on recognizance for misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. This means the defendant gets released without requiring any bail.

The judge can set bail for violent felonies and cases in which the judge believes the defendant might not appear in court. Once the defendant or a loved one posts bail, the jail will release them.

Transferred To a Los Angeles County Jail

If the defendant cannot pay bail or the judge orders the defendant held without bail, they are transferred to the custody of the LASD. The department runs six jails for LA County inmates, two of which are currently closed. If the defendant raises enough money for bail, secures a bond, or hires a lawyer to get their bail reduced, they may get released by the LASD.

Released After Completing Their Sentence

The Pasadena Jail releases participants in the Fee-Paying Inmate Program when they complete their sentences. The greatest benefit of the Fee-Paying Inmate Program comes from the Pasadena Jail’s flexibility in how program participants can serve their jail sentences. 

Inmates can report for straight time, meaning they remain in jail until their sentence is completed. But they can also request work furlough. They get released during the day to work and only report at night. Work furlough inmates get hour-for-hour credit. So, if they spend 12 hours per day in jail, they must stay in jail for two days to complete one day of their sentences.

How The Rodriguez Law Group Can Help Get Someone Out of the Pasadena Jail

Criminal defense lawyers have several ways to help get someone released from jail. A lawyer can persuade prosecutors not to pursue charges. If the prosecution has already filed charges, a lawyer may persuade prosecutors to dismiss them. If the prosecution chooses to proceed with the case, a lawyer can fight for fair release conditions at the bail hearing.

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges and incarceration in the Pasadena Jail, contact The Rodriguez Law Group lawyer to discuss your options.