Robert Reiley

Robert Reiley | Los Angeles Criminal Defense AttorneyRobert Reiley is an Associate Attorney with The Rodriguez Law Group who previously worked as a civil litigator in Los Angeles, CA on behalf of public and private entities, and was a law clerk for the Los Angeles City Attorney in the criminal-focused Central Trials division.

As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Reiley handles a vast array of criminal matters at The Rodriguez Law Group, ranging from Municipal Code and Business and Professions Code violations to violent crimes, theft, drugs, firearms, and issues involving domestic violence. Mr. Reiley emphasizes a compassionate and human approach to representation, understanding the stresses that being accused of a crime can create in an accused person’s life.

Mr. Reiley strives to guide his clients through a complicated and intimidating justice system which most people may not understand. Mr. Reiley prioritizes education, evidence analysis, and aggression to obtain the best possible results for his clients, whether it be attacking allegations prior to the filing of a complaint, oral arguments and hearings, motion filing, prosecutor negotiations, or the decision to go to trial.

Mr. Reiley received his juris doctorate from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law in 2019. Prior to law school, Mr. Reiley attended Arizona State University, graduating summa cum laude with a BS in Criminal Justice and Criminological Theory in 2012, and had a prior career in finance before deciding to continue his pursuit of becoming an attorney.

State Bar Number 331138

Notable Outcomes

  • Obtained numerous dismissals of felonies and misdemeanors at various stages of litigation.
  • Suppressed forty minutes of statements unlawfully obtained by police during a traffic stop.
  • Defeated multiple charges of assault with a deadly weapon on an officer for a client involved in a 30-minute high-speed police chase.
  • Obtained a dismissal for a corporation that unintentionally rented property to an unlawful marijuana dispensary tenant.
  • Obtained a dismissal for a client who was accused of DUI for taking prescribed medications.
  • Obtained a dismissal for a client wrongfully accused of domestic violence by a spiteful ex-girlfriend.
  • Reduced a felony to a misdemeanor for a client who ran from the police with a gun in a gang enforcement zone.
  • Obtained a dismissal for a client who was racially profiled, beaten by police, and accused of resisting arrest.
  • Helped a client who only had to serve community service after being accused of a high-speed chase with police, assault on an officer, and commercial burglary, facing five years in prison.
  • Helped reduce a 2-year sentence down to 60 days for a client accused of multiple counts of recklessly evading police. The client served one more day after the plea was entered.
  • Obtained a mental health dismissal for a client accused of attacking someone with a bat, after which the client had been beaten and hospitalized.
  • Obtained a mental health dismissal for a client who had repeatedly committed commercial burglary during manic episodes.
  • Helped a client clear their name after their identity had been stolen and a warrant was incorrectly issued for their arrest.
  • Obtained a suspended sentence for a client who was involved in a fight and struck multiple people with a bat, for which the client faced 9 years in prison.
  • Helped a client avoid jail after threatening his landlord with a firearm.
  • Obtained a dismissal for a client involved in a hit and run.
  • Obtained a dismissal for an elderly client who was accused of assaulting a tenant.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Review

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Review

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