The Los Angeles Pitchess Detention Center – Wayside Jail

The Los Angeles Pitchess Detention Center - Wayside JailIf someone is arrested or convicted of a crime in Los Angeles, CA, there is a good chance they will be taken to the Los Angeles Pitchess Detention Center – Wayside Jail. While Pitchess Detention Center is the formal name, most people call this facility the Wayside Jail. 

The Wayside Jail is actually made up of several different jail units, but they are all considered part of Wayside. This facility only houses male inmates, and generally has between 7,000 and 8,000 total people housed there. 

The Rodriguez Law Group has over two decades of experience representing defendants in Wayside jail and other facilities. We will use the full weight of our experience to help you defend your charges and minimize your time in Wayside. 

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How The Rodriguez Law Group Can Help Defend You of Criminal Charges

How The Rodriguez Law Group Can Help Defend You of Criminal ChargesAfter your arrest, law enforcement may think they can lock you in Wayside Jail and throw away the key. They’ll do everything they can to convict you, including pressuring you to incriminate yourself. You need a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights.

The Rodriguez Law Group has over two decades of experience defending the accused in Los Angeles, California. Our team includes former prosecutors, so we know how the state will build its case against you. And we’ll attack their strategies at every turn.

When you hire us, you can count on us to:

  • Investigate the circumstances of your arrest
  • Identify defenses and alibis to your charges
  • Examine whether law enforcement violated your rights
  • Move to dismiss tainted evidence
  • Negotiate with prosecutors for a favorable plea agreement
  • Take your case to trial to pursue an acquittal

You only have one call when you’re brought to Wayside Jail. Use it to contact our legal team at The Rodriguez Law Group for a free consultation.

Where is the Pitchess Detention Center – Wayside Jail?

The jail facility is located in the community of Castaic, off Interstate 5, in North LA County. The main address is 29320 The Old Rd, Castaic, CA 91384.

The five facilities that make up Pitchess Detention Center, and their street address on The Old Road in Castaic include:

  • North County Correctional Facility (NCCF) – 29340
  • South Facility – 29330
  • East Facility – 29310
  • North Facility – 29320
  • Inmate Firefighters / Fire Camp – 29310

The facility used to be a farm many years ago and is over 2,000 acres. It is operated by the LA County Sheriff. The jail houses inmates charged with or convicted of everything from assault to drug crimes.

How Can I Post Bail at the Pitchess Detention Center – Wayside Jail?

You cannot post bail at the actual Wayside facility. To post bail for someone held in Wayside / Pitchess, you need to go through the Inmate Reception Center. The Inmate Reception Center is located at: 450 Bauchet St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. Their phone number is (213) 473-6100. They should be able to answer your questions about an inmate’s bail.

Cash bail and bail bonds are the two main ways people post bail. The amount of bail required to be posted for someone to be released is set by the court or by the Uniform Bail Schedule based on the crimes charged. 

If you post bail for someone else, you could forfeit the money if they miss court. However, if they return to court throughout the process, the money should be returned to you. 

Sometimes inmates are released on their own recognizance, with no bail required. If this is the case, your loved one might not even be stuck in custody. You can look up the status of any inmate here to see where they are being housed.

The purpose of bail is twofold. First, it is supposed to ensure the accused will return to future court appearances to avoid forfeiting the money. This is why bail is higher for more serious charges — someone with serious prison exposure cares less about the money than someone with a very minor misdemeanor charge. 

The other purpose of bail is public safety. Cash bail is supposed to encourage defendants to carefully follow all the conditions placed on them for public safety while they are awaiting trial. Examples could include absolute sobriety and protective orders that prevent contact with alleged victims. 

Can I Visit or Call My Loved One?

You cannot call inmates at Pitchess Detention Center. Inmates are permitted to make outgoing calls, but they need to have funds on the books to do so. You can add money to an inmate’s account so they can make calls. 

In-person visits are limited to Saturdays and Sundays between 8:00am and 2:00pm. Some holidays have extra visiting hours, including Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July.

Three people can come to a single visit. A baby held by adults the entire time does not count as one of the three. All minors must have a parent or guardian with them. Visits are 30 minutes maximum per day. 

Before visiting, it is recommended that you make an appointment online by registering and scheduling the visit here. Walk-in visits are allowed at Wayside, but there is often a long line, and you aren’t guaranteed to be let in before visitation closes. You should arrive more than one hour early.

Before visiting, you will have to show a government ID and will be searched. You are not supposed to bring anything into the jail, so don’t bring any items besides your ID and a confirmation number / receipt if you scheduled a visit. 

Anyone who has been to prison, is on probation, or has a warrant out cannot visit an inmate. 

Call Rodriguez Law Group For Help At The Los Angeles Pitchess Detention Center – Wayside Jail 

Los Angeles Pitchess Detention Center – Wayside Jail visitation procedures are subject to change, especially during Covid, so you should always call the Inmate Reception Center (213- 473-6100) for information before driving all the way out there to visit. For instance, more and more jails are switching to video visitation at the facility rather than face to face for social distancing. 

If you have any questions about visitation, the jail will answer them for you. The Rodriguez Law Group is very familiar with all the policies and procedures at the Wayside Jail. If your loved one has been arrested and needs help, call our team today.