Arrests Made After Halloween Party Shooting in Long Beach

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Sep 23, 2020 | News
Arrests Made After Halloween Party Shooting in Long Beach

Law enforcement officers arrested members of a gang who killed three people and wounded nine people at a Halloween Party in Long Beach on October 29, 2019. Allegedly, the gang members thought they were firing on a rival gang, although no one attending the party was a member of a gang.

Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna announced the arrests in a news conference. Chief Luna confirmed that the shooting was a preplanned attack. Two of the suspects were already in custody on charges of attempted murder and murder, which were unrelated to the Halloween shooting.

The other ten suspects were arrested across California. The court issued fifteen search warrants as part of the operation.

Law enforcement officers served seven of the warrants in Long Beach. In addition to the suspects, the police seized eight firearms.

In July, the police released a surveillance video of a Toyota Rav4, Toyota 4Runner, and Chrysler PT Cruiser, which investigators believed were involved in the Halloween shooting. They believe the suspects used these vehicles to travel from North Long Beach to the home in the 2700 block of 7th Street.

On the night of the shooting, the suspects allegedly opened fire into the backyard of the home from an alley. There were 25 to 30 people at the party. Three men died and nine others, including seven women, were wounded by the gunfire.

Chief Luna confirmed that ballistics show that all the shots came from three handguns. Allegedly, eight of the suspects entered the alley, but only three suspects opened fire. The three suspected shooters are among the 12 people arrested.

Charges were not filed at the time of the news report. Chief Luna anticipated that murder charges and gun charges were likely.

The Importance of a Criminal Defense Lawyer When There are Multiple Defendants

It is always wise to seek advice from a criminal defense lawyer if you are arrested or facing criminal charges. However, if there are multiple co-defendants in your case, you need to speak with a lawyer quickly. And, if you are accused of committing a crime for or in cooperation with a gang, you can face aggravated penalties under the state’s gang enhancement law.

Television and movies often portray stories of defendants offered deals if they talk first. Whoever becomes a witness for the prosecution first gets the best deal.

That could be true in your case, but you do not want to talk until you have spoken with a lawyer. Since you should not trust your co-defendants, it is best to get legal advice quickly so that you can take advantage of any deals that the prosecution might offer to defendants in the case.

However, the facts of your case might justify your remaining quiet. If you are charged with a lesser crime and there is little evidence against you for the more serious criminal charges facing other defendants, your attorney may advise you to remain silent. There could be defenses and strategies that could give you the chance of a better outcome instead of becoming a witness for the prosecution.

Once you talk, you lose your leverage. A criminal defense lawyer understands how to use that leverage in your favor. Do not give away the one thing that you can use to reduce the charges or the penalties that you face.

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help Me?

You may wonder why you should hire a criminal defense lawyer. There are many reasons. Some of the most common reasons to hire a criminal defense lawyer include:

  • Your lawyer understands the charges against you and the law
  • A local criminal lawyer is familiar with the courts, judges, and prosecutors
  • Your attorney investigates the charges against you and gathers evidence to use in your defense
  • You could have several legal defenses that could result in the charges being dismissed
  • A lawyer knows when the evidence is overwhelming, and you should accept a plea agreement
  • Lawyers know when plea deals are fair based on the facts of the case
  • Your attorney may know of intervention programs that could keep you out of jail
  • Hiring a lawyer could help you avoid a criminal record, which could have negative consequences for the rest of your life

The main reason to hire a criminal defense lawyer is to have someone on your side who fights for you throughout the entire judicial process. Judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers are not on your side. Jurors may have preconceived beliefs that could impact their judgment.

Your lawyer is the only person in the courtroom fighting to protect you. Whether you face murder charges, weapons charges, drug crimes, sex offenses, or theft crimes, talk with a lawyer to find out about your options for a defense before deciding to plead guilty or talk to the police.

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