How Far is 1000 Feet Within a School Area in Miles?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Nov 30, 2021 | Sex Crimes

California sex offender restrictions are not as clear-cut as other states that have simple 1000 foot rules. The quick way to determine 1000 feet in miles can be calculated by dividing 1000 feet by the number of feet in a mile. This is 1000 over 5,280, which comes out to .19 of a mile. To be safe, 1000 feet is usually just considered one-fifth of a mile. However, in California, your residency restrictions are likely very different.

If you are subject to restrictions on how closely you can live to a school due to a sex crime, you need to proceed very cautiously. Following the restrictions is your duty, and failing to follow them could lead to your rearrest and new criminal charges.

Does California Have a 1000 Foot Restriction For Sex Offenders?

The State of California is very different than other states when it comes to the 1000-feet-from-a-school rule for sex offenders. In California, the rule was never 1000 feet. Rather, the law used to prohibit all registered sex offenders from living within 2000 feet of a school.

This was almost half a mile, much further than the 1/5 mile used in other states! The California Supreme Court overturned the 2,000-feet rule in 2015, which had applied to ALL sex offenders automatically. Instead, the California Supreme Court ordered that all residency restrictions must be determined on a case-by-case basis for each individual sex offender.

This means that your individual situation and living restrictions could be very different from other sex offenders. You should be informed of your residency restrictions by your parole officer or the court when you were paroled.

If you are unsure of where you can and can’t live, contact a criminal defense lawyer right away. We can help you find out where you can live legally.

How Can You Calculate Distance From a School in California?

If you already know your individual residency restrictions, you may be wondering how you can calculate 2,000 feet (or any distance) from a school zone to a house.

The easiest way to do this is with Google Maps. If you are worried your calculation is incorrect, you can consult with a criminal defense lawyer for help. The first step is to go to Next, click layers on the bottom left to see satellite images. Zoom in to the school closest to where you want to live. On the edge of the school zone, right-click, then select calculate distance.

Now move to the property line of where you may want to live. Right-click; then choose to calculate distance again. The map should now tell you the distance between the two points. As you can see, placing the two points in the right spot at the edge of the property boundaries is key to getting an accurate measurement and staying out of trouble.

We recommend working with your probation officer before picking a place to live. Alternatively, you can consult with a criminal defense attorney if you need to double-check where you already live. A criminal defense lawyer will know how to determine the distances between your desired residence and any schools or playgrounds. They will confirm if your potential residence meets the distance requirement given to you by the court.

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