How Much Does a Sex Crime Attorney Cost in Los Angeles?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Sep 09, 2023 | Criminal Defense
How Much Does a Sex Crime Attorney Cost in Los Angeles?

Being charged with a sex crime in Los Angeles can be a shocking experience. While only about 2,000 rapes were reported in 2020, the term “sex crime” can encompass a number of other similar offenses. Any of them can threaten your family, job, and reputation. Convictions for rape and child sex crimes can also carry with them long periods of incarceration.

If you are charged with one of these serious offenses, mounting a strong defense is essential to preserving your freedom and protecting your rights. Such a defense is not cheap, but you may not realize how much you can reasonably expect to spend on a sex crime defense lawyer in Los Angeles.

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Los Angeles Sex Crime Lawyer

Subject to a few ethical constraints, each attorney in Los Angeles can set hourly rates for their services. Even among attorneys who practice the same sort of law, these hourly rates can vary significantly from one lawyer to the next. There are several reasons for these variances.

Experience and Reputation of the Attorney

The more experienced or in-demand an attorney is, the more you can expect to pay to retain their services. Experience is not always indicative of a good attorney. However, the longer an attorney has been in practice and the greater their reputation, the higher the fees they can command from prospective clients.

Goals of the Representation

Your attorney may begin by charging one hourly fee to represent you during the early stages of your case. However, if hearings or a trial become necessary, you can expect that retaining an attorney will cost more. This reflects the amount of work an attorney must do to prepare for a contested evidentiary hearing or trial instead of representing you during a police interview or investigation.

Length of the Representation

Because a lawyer cannot charge a contingency fee in a criminal case, you must pay your attorney’s fees either upfront or as they are earned. Therefore, the longer the representation goes on and the more hearings that are necessary, the higher your attorney’s fees will be. Conversely, having your case dismissed or resolved early on will limit the fees you must pay.

Average Cost of a Sex Crime Attorney in California

Criminal defense attorneys can charge anywhere from $150 per hour to more than $700 per hour to work on a serious criminal case. If your attorney charges toward the top end of this range and puts in ten hours of work to resolve your case, your attorney’s fees could reach $7,000.

Managing Your Attorney’s Fees

You should not let the potential for a high attorney bill deter you from seeking legal representation if you are charged with a sex crime. Take advantage of free initial consultations to shop around and learn about different attorneys.

Be certain to discuss the issue of fees with your attorney, specifically:

  • What is the attorney’s hourly rate, and does it change if a trial becomes necessary?
  • What retainer is required up front to enlist the attorney’s help?
  • What activities does the attorney bill for, and which activities do they not?
  • What time increments does the attorney bill (i.e., 15-minute or 30-minute increments)?

The answers to these questions will help you know what you can expect to pay your attorney to get started on your case.

Finding a Los Angeles Sex Crime Attorney For Your Case

The variation in rates charged by sex crime attorneys in Los Angeles should help you find one that will fit your case and your budget.

Do not be afraid to be honest with your attorney about your budget and expectations. While some lawyers may not be able to meet your budget needs, others may be willing to work out payment arrangements to help you get the representation you need without ruining you financially.

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