What Are the Responsibilities of a Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer?

by Ambrosio Rodriguez | Feb 01, 2023 | Criminal Defense
What Are the Responsibilities of a Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer?

When you are facing criminal charges in Los Angeles, it is essential to have an experienced and knowledgeable criminal lawyer on your side. A criminal defense lawyer will be responsible for many tasks throughout the entire process of your case. Keep reading to understand the responsibilities of criminal lawyers and the work they do.

Initial Consultation With the Client

The first step for any Los Angeles criminal lawyer is to meet with the client and get to know their situation and concerns. During this initial consultation, the lawyer will gather information about your case, including evidence that might be used in your defense.

They will also discuss possible legal strategies for moving forward, such as filing motions or seeking plea deals from prosecutors. This initial consultation helps you and the criminal defense attorney determine if the relationship is a good fit.

Assess the Case

After the initial consultation, your lawyer will begin reviewing all available evidence related to your case, including police reports, witness statements, surveillance videos, and more. As they are doing this, they will identify any inconsistencies or violations of due process that could play in your favor.

The goal is to ensure that all procedures were followed correctly and that no mistakes were made during the investigation or arrest process. If your lawyer finds any evidence of procedural errors or misconduct by law enforcement officers or prosecutors, they will use this information when developing a defense strategy for you.

Request and Review Evidence

Once your lawyer has identified potential areas of weakness in your case, they may request additional evidence from investigators and prosecutors if needed. In some cases, this can involve requesting DNA analysis or additional witness testimony that might help strengthen the defense strategy.

Keep the Client Updated

Throughout each stage of the legal process, from arrest through trial, your lawyer should keep you informed about what is happening with your case so you know what to expect every step of the way.

This includes providing updates on progress made towards reaching a plea deal agreement (if applicable) as well as any new developments related to your case at court hearings or other proceedings.

Convey Plea Offers To Clients

As part of defending clients against criminal charges, a criminal defense lawyer will present plea bargains offered by prosecutors which may reduce sentences if accepted prior to trial.

Explore Pre-Trial Diversion Options

A pre-trial diversion program is one way to avoid prosecution and a potentially lengthy jail sentence. An experienced criminal lawyer can determine if you qualify for such a program and guide you through that process.

Pre-trial diversion requires that certain conditions are met, such as completing community service or drug and alcohol classes. Your attorney will be by your side every step of the way to ensure that all requirements are met so that you can move forward with your life without having to face a potential conviction in court.

Stay Up-To-Date With Case Law

The law is constantly changing, and it’s important for a criminal defense lawyer to stay up to date on changes in case law that could affect your case or outcome. They must be aware of any precedents set by other cases that may affect your situation. This type of knowledge allows them to build the strongest possible defense when it comes time for trial.

File Motions

Additionally, an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney knows how to use motions to improve the chances of success in court. Motions allow attorneys to challenge evidence presented against their clients, ask questions about witnesses, or even request additional documents from prosecutors before trial begins.

Represent the Client At Trial

Most people see a criminal lawyer’s main responsibility as representing their client during trial proceedings. This includes preparing legal arguments and presenting them before the court. They will cross-examine witnesses, present evidence, and refute any claims made by prosecutors or opposing counsels.

File Appeals

If you are found guilty after trial proceedings conclude, your criminal defense lawyer may also represent you during appeals processes if any mistakes were made during the trial or sentencing stages.

Contact a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Free Consultation

Being a successful Los Angeles criminal defense attorney requires much more than just knowledge of the law; it requires dedication, attention to detail, and the ability to think quickly on your feet while in court. Before hiring legal representation for your case, be sure you understand what responsibilities they will have in representing you.

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