Alhambra Criminal Defense Attorney

Alhambra Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing criminal charges in Alhambra, California? Depending on the offense, the consequences of a conviction could change the course of your life and jeopardize your freedom. At the same time, you’re innocent until proven guilty – with help from an experienced attorney, you still have time to fight back and form an effective defense. 

The Rodriguez Law Group is a highly-respected criminal defense law firm in Southern California. Our Alhambra criminal defense lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience and have helped our clients achieve “not guilty” verdicts even when charged with some of the most serious crimes in the California Penal Code

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How The Rodriguez Law Group Can Help After You’ve Been Arrested for a Crime in Alhambra

How The Rodriguez Law Group Can Help After You’ve Been Arrested for a Crime in Alhambra

Being arrested for a crime in Alhambra, CA, can make it feel like the entire world is against you. You might be dealing with law enforcement and prosecutors who already believe you are guilty without regard for the facts involved in the situation. And on top of this, you might be unsure of your legal rights and how best to proceed with your case. 

Level the playing field and gain trusted legal advocates by hiring The Rodriguez Law Group. Our award-winning lead Alhambra criminal defense attorney, Ambrosio Rodriguez, has been featured on national news outlets like CNN, NBC, FOX, and more. He is also a former prosecutor, which means he has a thorough understanding of how the other side tries its cases. 

If you hire us, our legal team can use that knowledge to benefit you in your case and can help by:

  • Conducting substantive legal research and investigatory work into your case and the prosecution’s evidence against you
  • Making sure your legal rights are upheld at all times
  • Informing you of your case’s status and your legal options as your case progresses
  • Working hard to secure a favorable plea deal, with the aim of having your charges reduced or dismissed
  • Taking your case all the way to a trial if doing so is in your best interest

If you’d like further information or are ready to begin forming an attorney-client relationship, just give us a quick call today to set up a free case review.

We Can Help With Any Type of Criminal Case in Alhambra, California

Our criminal defense attorneys in Alhambra have the skills, experience, and resources to help you no matter the nature of your charges. Types of criminal cases we specialize in include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Assault crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Weapons charges
  • White collar crimes
  • Unlawful assembly
  • DUI
  • Federal crimes
  • Theft crimes
  • Homicide
  • Sex crimes
  • Professional misconduct defense

Call today to learn more about our legal services and what we can do to assist with your case.

What Penalties and Consequences Can Result From a Criminal Conviction in Alhambra, CA?

The penalties you face if convicted of a criminal offense in Alhambra, CA, can vary significantly based on a number of factors. Generally speaking, there are two broad categories of crimes in California in terms of penalty severity: misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanor offenses are less serious than felonies.

Unlike other states, California does not distinguish between felonies and misdemeanors in terms of classes or degrees. Rather, the potential penalties are specific to each offense – although many have similar sentencing requirements and thresholds. The penalties that the criminal justice system can impose include:

    • Jail or prison time – Misdemeanor convictions can lead to up to one year in county jail, whereas felony convictions can result in a life sentence in prison at the high end.
    • Fines – Most crimes carry fines as a possible penalty, which can range from anywhere to $1,000 or much more, depending on the charges.
  • Probation – Probation may be assessed in lieu of jail time in certain circumstances. The court may impose various conditions, such as regularly meeting with a probation officer, attending counseling sessions, and more.
  • Sex offender registration – Sex crime convictions can mandate that you register as a sex offender, which can limit where you may live and work.


There are baseline penalties for most crimes in California, but these can be raised if aggravating factors are present. For example, committing certain types of crimes in front of a child can increase the possible penalties that may be assessed. 

If you have a prior criminal record, that can also make the penalties of a subsequent conviction more severe – especially if you are subject to the state’s “three strikes” law. This law provides that a person may be given a life sentence if they have two prior convictions for serious or violent crimes and are found guilty for a third offense.

Collateral Consequences

The effects of a criminal conviction in California do not necessarily end with those imposed by the court. These “collateral consequences” can include the following:

  • Immigration issues, if applicable
  • Difficulty obtaining housing or employment
  • Loss of certain rights, such as gun ownership
  • Loss of professional licenses and reputation

There’s a lot to consider regarding the penalties and consequences associated with a criminal conviction in Alhambra, California. But the bottom line is that there’s likely a lot at stake for you going forward. Hiring an experienced Alhambra criminal defense attorney gives you your best chance at securing a favorable outcome. 

What Defenses Can I Raise Against My Charges in Alhambra?

In criminal cases, the prosecution must prove every legal element of your charges beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the highest burden of proof standard in the law and gives a seasoned criminal defense attorney significant room to fight back. There are many potential defenses you can raise against criminal charges in Alhambra. Examples include:

  • Your constitutional rights were violated. For instance, if any of the evidence against you was obtained through an illegal search and seizure, you may be able to file a motion to suppress and have it struck from the record.
  • You did not have the requisite state of mind at the time of the alleged criminal offense. For example, many crimes entail demonstrating that you took action intentionally or knowingly. It can be difficult to prove a state of mind with evidence, as the prosecution must do to convict you.
  • You were acting in self defense or were defending others. This defense applies primarily to violent crimes and other offenses where you may have been provoked into defending yourself or someone else with force.
  • You have an alibi for the alleged crime. This means introducing evidence that proves you were not at the scene at the time when the offense was allegedly committed.
  • You were entrapped. This defense entails showing that you were enticed into committing a crime by the police or another law enforcement official. 

These are general defenses that can apply to a wide range of crimes. Other defenses may be available that are more specific to the offense you’ve been charged with. For instance, in DUI cases, you can often challenge the results of any chemical tests, such as a breathalyzer.

At The Rodriguez Law Group, we’ll work hard to ensure that you raise the defense(s) best suited for the facts unique to your case. That means taking an in-depth look at the prosecution’s case against you as well as looking at prior cases that involve similar circumstances. If necessary, we won’t hesitate to hire expert assistance to strengthen your defense further as well.

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All is not lost if you’ve been accused of committing a crime in Alhambra, California. The law affords you significant legal rights, both at the federal and state levels – and the prosecution must meet a high evidentiary bar to secure a conviction. 

The sooner you contact us to set up a free consultation with one of our qualified Alhambra criminal defense lawyers, the better. It can take time to formulate a plan of action, and its best to act fast so that we can protect your interests from the beginning. Call today.