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Ambrosio RodriguezIf you have been arrested or are facing criminal charges in Hollywood, CA, do not hesitate to contact The Rodriguez Law Group for immediate assistance. The state will work incredibly hard to get you to plead guilty or secure a conviction in court. The only way to protect yourself and your future is by asserting a strong defense from the start. Our criminal defense lawyers are prepared to help you do just that.

Led by a former prosecutor, the legal team at The Rodriguez Law Group has decades of experience handling complex criminal matters in California.

We know that there’s a lot on the line and will do whatever we can to help you beat the charges you face. As a result of our tireless advocacy and dedication to our clients, we regularly secure not guilty verdicts and are able to get the charges against our clients dropped.

Let us fight to do the same for you. Contact Our Los Angeles law office to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

Why Choose The Rodriguez Law Group If You’re Facing Criminal Charges in Hollywood, CA

Defense Strategies Designed By a Former Prosecutor

Before defending clients against criminal charges in California, Ambrosio Rodriguez spent more than 13 years as a prosecutor. He understands what you’re up against because, for a time, he was the system. After spending more than a decade prosecuting the very cases he defends today, he has a unique insight and perspective into California’s penal code and criminal procedures. That’s experience and knowledge he draws on every single day in defense of clients just like you.

When you hire the team at The Rodriguez Law Group, you can benefit from a defense strategy that’s crafted and formulated by a former Senior Deputy District Attorney. Ambrosio Rodriguez knows how the state will approach criminal charges and build a case. In turn, he also knows where those cases might be weak. He can exploit those weaknesses in your favor and give you the best shot at clearing your name.

Every Case Gets a Personal Touch

When you choose an attorney to represent you and defend you against criminal charges, you’re making a very personal decision. The decision is likely motivated by the fact that you feel confident in and comfortable with the attorney’s ability to help you during this very scary time. What you might not know is that many lawyers in Hollywood don’t personally handle the cases they take on. Instead, many lawyers have interns, support staff, and paralegals do the legwork. That’s not what you signed up for – and that’s not what happens when you hire the Rodriguez Law Group.

At the Rodriguez Law Group, our attorneys know what you choose us for a reason. You trust us. We want you to know that when you hire Ambrosio Rodriguez, he’s the one who will do the lion’s share of the work. He becomes personally invested in the cases he handles. While he absolutely relies on the support of staff, he is the one who is putting in the time and effort to devise a cutting edge defense for you.

We’re Trusted Attorneys Who Get Results

There’s a reason why our former clients recommend us when a friend or family member needs help after an arrest in Los Angeles County. It’s because our clients know that we invest whatever time, effort, and resources are necessary to get the best possible results in the cases we handle.

How? We investigate alleged crimes thoroughly and gather any evidence that might be relevant. We analyze that evidence with the aid of experts so that we can fully appreciate and understand the specific details of your case. We comb through whatever documents, evidence, and information is shared by the state during discovery. We carefully research relevant case law to find any arguments that might be beneficial to your case. As a result of this detailed approach, we’re able to devise unique and powerful defenses for our clients.

Because of this, we’ve helped countless clients walk away with their futures and freedoms intact. We regularly get evidence in our cases dismissed, charges against our clients dropped, and secure not guilty verdicts from juries in Los Angeles County. When you call us for help, we’ll work day and night to get those same results for you.

You Deserve to Have Experts On Your Side

In building a criminal case, prosecutors will undoubtedly turn to experts for assistance. They’ll have experts explain evidence and provide testimony to make the allegations against a defendant more believable. As a former prosecutor himself, Ambrosio Rodriguez knows how influential expert testimony can be. That’s why the Rodriguez Law Group makes sure that our clients benefit from experts, too.

Our Hollywood criminal law attorneys will bring in any experts, professionals, or specialists who might be able to help with your defense. This might include:

  • Medical doctors
  • Forensic crime scene analysts
  • Forensic accountants
  • Forensic psychiatrists
  • Forensic scientists
  • Ballistics experts
  • Gunshot residue experts
  • Former law enforcement agents and officials
  • DUI chemical testing specialists
  • Economists
  • Appraisers, and more.

We’ve spent years cultivating relationships with some of the most respected and trusted professionals in Hollywood and Los Angeles, CA. Let us put our vast resources to work in your defense. All you have to do is call and schedule a free initial case assessment to get started.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas in Hollywood, CA

At The Rodriguez Law Group, we know that getting arrested or being charged with a crime can be terrifying. It doesn’t matter if you’re charged with a misdemeanor or a more serious felony, or if you’re tried in state or federal court. It’s all scary because your freedom and future are in jeopardy. That’s why we will be there to help you fight any criminal charges you face. We represent clients who have been arrested on charges involving:

Have you already been tried and convicted of a crime in Hollywood? If so, let our accomplished team help you file an appeal. Additionally, understand that an arrest or criminal charges can follow you for life, even if you were never convicted. We’ll gladly help you file a petition to get your record expunged or sealed.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Hollywood, California law office to arrange a time to sit down with our compassionate legal team. The state will begin to build its case against you right away – if it already hasn’t – so call today.

Hollywood, CA Crime Statistics

Hollywood – it’s the film capital of the world. Thousands of people call Hollywood home. The city welcomes millions of tourists every year, eager to take in the glitz and glamor of Tinseltown. However, Hollywood isn’t the safest place in the great state of California. Compared to Los Angeles, California, and the rest of the United States, crime is much more common there. That might be why Hollywood gets an “F” when it comes to safety and crime.

In 2018, there were 5,458 reported criminal offenses in Hollywood. Those crimes are broken down into two categories – property and violent. Crime statistics reveal that more than 3 out of every 4 crimes in Hollywood is a property offense – such as burglary or theft. Assault, robbery, rape, murder, and other violent crimes only account for 24 percent of all offenses in Hollywood.

We Handle All Criminal Matters in Hollywood

Domestic Violence: Allegations of domestic violence can change your life forever. A conviction can ruin your reputation, land you behind bars, and even lead to the loss of the right to spend time with your family. The best way to stop these things from happening is by defending yourself aggressively. In these types of cases, the state might not have a lot of hard evidence to support its case. Rather, prosecutors might rely on accusations, alone. Our team will work diligently to identify irregularities in those accusations and undermine the accuser’s believability.

Drug Crimes: The war on drugs is still very much in force in California. A conviction can have devastating consequences for your future, impacting your ability to get an education, find gainful employment, and live an uncomplicated life. Our attorneys know that it’s essential to attack the evidence in these types of cases. That’s why we’ll analyze how the police handled their investigation, your arrest, and any searches that were conducted. If we can identify a violation of your rights, we can petition the court to toss evidence that’s been tainted.

DUI: You don’t have to be drunk to get convicted on DUI charges in Hollywood. It’s enough if a police officer thinks that you’re impaired. However, drunk driving vehicle stops, searches, tests, and arrests are hardly straightforward. There are a lot of moving parts. That can be good news for you – because officers and/or the state often make mistakes. Our team will carefully analyze your DUI case from start to finish to identify some weaknesses or errors that can be exploited in your favor.

Federal Crimes: When you’re charged with a federal offense, it’s important to make sure that you hire an attorney who has experience navigating the federal court system. The rules and laws are different, any mistake can be a disaster for your future. At the Rodriguez Law Group, we’ve handled countless criminal cases in federal courts across the state, securing positive results for our clients along the way.

Juvenile Crimes: Kids make mistakes. Our attorneys don’t think that those mistakes should be punished harshly. However, without a strong defense in juvenile court, your child’s future could be in danger. Our team has helped countless families navigate the juvenile justice system in Los Angeles County. Let us advocate for your child and help them secure the best possible outcome in their juvenile case.

Restraining Orders: Violating a restraining order is a serious crime. And, it’s one that’s not taken lightly by the court. So, unless you can offer a legitimate defense, explanation, or justification, the consequences imposed can be quite severe. Our attorneys will help you advocate for yourself in court, fighting to minimize or avoid any penalties.

Sex Crimes: Few crimes are taken more seriously than those involving sex. Whether you’ve been accused of child molestation, rape, or sexual assault, the state will do everything in its power to convict. A conviction can have lifelong consequences, especially if you’re required to register as a sex offender. However, just because you’re arrested doesn’t mean your future is over. Evidence in these cases is often circumstantial or unreliable. Our attorneys will carefully review all aspects of the charges against you, interview witnesses, and exploit any weaknesses in the state’s case or evidence to help you.

Theft Crimes: Theft crimes are more common than other offenses in Hollywood. They’re also challenging to prove. That’s because the state has the burden of proving that you acted with intent. That can be hard to do, especially if there is a lack of evidence to support those allegations. Our team will work day and night to make the prosecutor’s job as tough as possible, challenging their efforts to convict at every turn.

Violent Crimes: Prosecutors will be under a great deal of pressure to convict if you’ve been charged with assault, homicide, or another violent offense. So, they’ll invest whatever time and resources are necessary to get the result they want. Our team will do the same in your defense. We’ll investigate carefully, bring in experts to help at every stage, and identify any possible defense strategy that might work. We’ll counter the state’s every move, making it as difficult as possible to satisfy the burden of proof.

White Collar Crimes: White-collar crimes might be “victimless,” but that doesn’t mean that they’re taken any less seriously in Hollywood. Crimes like fraud, identity theft, and embezzlement can do considerable financial harm, so expect the state to do anything it can to win. Keep in mind that white collar offenses are particularly complicated. Prosecutors have a tough job in front of them. Our team will do everything possible to make that job even more challenging. We’ll not only present evidence to discredit the allegations against you, but also to undermine the state’s case in any way that we can.

Let Our Hollywood Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight For You Today

There’s a lot at stake when you’re arrested for a crime in Hollywood. Give yourself the best opportunity to protect your future. Call the Rodriguez Law Group and let our Hollywood criminal defense team fight tirelessly to minimize the consequences of your arrest. Because of our dynamic defense strategies, we’re regularly able to get evidence tossed, charges dropped, and not-guilty verdicts in jury trials. Let our attorneys put their reputations, years of experience, and track record of successful outcomes to work for you.

We know that you’re probably overwhelmed and have a lot of questions. Call our Hollywood criminal defense law firm to schedule a free consultation. Our team will carefully review the allegations against you, help you understand your rights, and do our best to address your concerns. There’s not a moment to waste, so call now.