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Santa Monica Criminal Defense AttorneyYou need to assert a strong legal defense if you are facing criminal charges in Santa Monica, CA. The best way to accomplish this is by enlisting the help of a criminal defense law firm with knowledgable and accomplished attorneys.

At The Rodriguez Law Group, our Santa Monica criminal defense lawyers have decades of combined experience fighting serious criminal matters including Los Angeles homicide charges, domestic violence, sex crimes, and more.. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact our Los Angeles law office to arrange a free consultation and learn more.

Santa Monica, CA Criminal Defense Practice Areas

At The Rodriguez Law Group, we represent clients in Santa Monica who are facing all criminal charges – misdemeanor and felony, state and federal. Don’t hesitate to contact our criminal defense attorneys for help if you have been arrested and/or are charged with:

We also represent clients in matters on appeal and can help you file a petition to seal or expunge your criminal record. Give us a call today to arrange a time to discuss your case in detail with our team today.

You Can Benefit From Unparalleled Experience and Success

We Know the System Because We Were the System

The Rodriguez Law Group is different from other criminal defense law firms in Los Angeles County. That’s because Ambrosio Rodriguez, our founding attorney, knows exactly what you’re up against. Why? He was the system. For more than 13 years, attorney Rodriguez was a Senior District DA. During that time, he led the Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Unit and was one of four lawyers working on the elite Homicide Unit.

Who better to defend you against criminal charges than someone who prosecuted thousands of cases? Ambrosio Rodriguez has an edge as a criminal defense attorney because he knows how the system works. He knows what the state does in the course of prosecuting a case and, better yet, knows how to counter those efforts. He uses this insight every single day as he advocates on behalf of his clients. Does it work? Our results speak for themselves.

An Established Track Record of Successful Outcomes

We fight to get the very best results for each and every one of our clients. When you call us for help, we do everything in our power to find a way to get a victory.

We take an incredibly detailed approach to every aspect of the cases we handle. We conduct a thorough investigation, carefully scrutinize our clients’ interactions with the police, and go through the evidence with a fine-tooth comb. We bring in experts to help us understand technical or complicated details. Why? To find any way to discredit the state’s arguments, get evidence tossed, or charges dismissed.

This process works. We are continually able to get the charges against many of our clients dropped. When cases have moved forward, we’ve secured countless not guilty verdicts from Santa Monica juries. Our criminal defense team will work day and night to do the same for you.

Fierce Santa Monica Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers

In reality, there’s a good chance that your criminal case won’t go to trial. Most don’t get that far. Rather, criminal cases are often resolved through something called a plea deal or plea bargain. When this happens, a defendant agrees to enter a guilty plea for reduced charges or a reduced penalty. We think that too many criminal defense lawyers are happy to settle when the state offers a plea. That’s not how we work at the Rodriguez Law Group.

Our team includes accomplished and highly-skilled criminal defense trial attorneys. We’ve logged thousands of hours in the courtroom and know how to sway a jury. As a prosecutor, Ambrosio Rodriguez grilled, examined, and cross-examined thousands of lay witnesses and experts. He brings what he learned from that experience into the courtroom with him every day.

This makes a difference when we represent our clients. District Attorneys in Santa Monica know that we won’t settle for a plea if it’s not the best deal to be made. They know that we’ll always keep the threat of going to trial on the table. Prosecutors don’t want to go up against our attorneys in court. So, this, alone, can be a huge benefit to you as they handle your case.

We Roll Up Our Sleeves and Do the Hard Work

When you hire a criminal defense attorney to represent you against charges in Santa Monica, you do so because you feel comfortable with that person and trust them. You would certainly hope that they are the one handling your case. However, this isn’t always what happens. Many lawyers in Santa Monica farm out the cases they handle to associate attorneys, interns, paralegals, and support staff.

At the Rodriguez Law Group, our attorneys invest their time, energy, and resources in the cases they handle. Like other firms, our lawyers rely on support staff, but not with the aspects of your case that are most important. We roll up our sleeves and get into the trenches because that’s what you’ve hired us to do.

Crime Statistics for Santa Monica

Santa Monica is a picturesque, vibrant town just west of downtown Los Angeles, CA. It’s perhaps best known for Muscle Beach and the Santa Monica pier, which extends over the Pacific Ocean and draws thousands of people every day. The coastal town isn’t perfect, though. As a hot spot for tourists, it’s also a hot spot for crime.

The crime rate in Santa Monica is roughly 5,966 per 100,000 people. That’s quite high. In fact, Santa Monica’s crime rate is more than double the rates for California (2,828 per 100,000) and the United States (2,580 per 100,000). The rate is so high that the city receives an “F” for crime on an annual scorecard.

In 2018, there were 5,529 reported crimes in Santa Monica. The overwhelming majority of these were for property crimes. These include things like theft, which accounted for 69 percent of all crime in Santa Monica that year, as well as burglary and vehicle theft.

Violent crime happens in Santa Monica, too. That year, violent offenses accounted for roughly 14 percent of all criminal activity. Assaults were the biggest problem, accounting for 56 percent of all violent offenses and 8 percent of total crime.

Representing Clients in All Criminal Matters in Santa Monica

Domestic Violence: The state will take every allegation of domestic violence seriously. A conviction doesn’t just mean the possibility of time in jail, it can also change the course of your future forever. Our Santa Monica domestic violence lawyers will aggressively defend you against these claims and fight to find a way to clear your name.

Drug Crimes: Despite the fact that California has some of the most relaxed drug laws in the country, drug offenses still carry harsh penalties. Our Santa Monica drug crime lawyers know that an investigation into police conduct – including your arrest, searches, and interrogations – can be instrumental in beating drug charges. We’ll leave no stone unturned as we search for a way to invalidate your arrest or get the drug evidence tossed from your case.

DUI: Police in Santa Monica have ramped up efforts to combat drunk driving. However, their tactics aren’t always lawful. If you’re facing DUI charges, our Santa Monica attorneys will raise every possible argument and defense on your behalf to help you win your case.

Juvenile Crimes: When minors commit crimes, they’ll typically find themselves in California’s juvenile criminal justice system. The processes involved here are unique. At the Rodriguez Law Group, our Santa Monica juvenile crimes attorneys have first-hand experience navigating the complexities of this system. Our assistance can offer a huge relief as your family navigates this stressful time.

Sex Crimes: Few offenses are considered to be more serious than sex crimes. However, these cases tend to lack physical evidence. That means they often boil down to “he said, she said” arguments. We’ll work tirelessly to discredit any allegations against you and make it as difficult as possible for prosecutors to meet the burden of proof necessary to convict.

Theft Crimes: More than two-thirds of all reported criminal offenses in Santa Monica involve theft. Whether you’ve been accused of shoplifting or stealing from a tourist on the pier, our team will work tirelessly in an effort to make the prosecution’s job as difficult as possible. We won’t just search for evidence to exonerate you, we’ll do everything we can to undermine the state’s arguments.

Violent Crimes: Violent crime is roughly 92 percent higher in Santa Monica than it is in the rest of the state of California. This includes things like assault, manslaughter, and homicide. These offenses tend to carry incredibly harsh penalties, including lengthy terms of imprisonment and high fines. Our team will work diligently to gather any evidence we can to bolster your defense.

Restraining Orders: You have to obey a restraining order, even if you disagree with the court’s decision to issue one. Ignoring a restraining order carries serious penalties. However, you shouldn’t be punished if you didn’t mean to violate the order or didn’t even know it existed. Our team knows that these things happen and, when they do, we’ll be there to advocate on your behalf.

White Collar Crimes: White collar crimes are typically considered to be “victimless” offenses because no one is physically harmed. They’re all about money. However, the state still prosecutes these offenses aggressively. In these cases, the state will spare no expense during their investigation. You deserve to benefit from an investigation of your own, too. Our team will carefully review all evidence pertinent to your case, bring in experts, and identify the strategies that might yield the best result.

Federal Crimes: Certain crimes will fall under federal, rather than state, jurisdiction. When this happens, you need to make sure that you have an attorney who understands federal criminal law, knows the unique procedural elements of these cases, and has experience defending clients in federal court. Our attorneys will put their years of experience handling federal criminal defense matters to work for you when you need help.

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Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges in Santa Monica? If so, it is incredibly important to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The state will spare no expense in prosecuting your case and seeking the harshest penalties. When you’re represented by a criminal defense lawyer, you can know that you’ve done everything to beat the charges.

At the Rodriguez Law Group, our attorneys have decades of combined experience handling all criminal matters in southern California. That includes experience on both sides of the law. When you need help protecting your future, we’ll do everything we can to make that happen. Give our Santa Monica law firm a call today to schedule a free case assessment and learn more.