Culver City Criminal Defense Attorney

Culver City Criminal Defense AttorneyWhen you’re facing criminal charges in Culver City, CA, it’s important to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. The consequences of an arrest, criminal charges, or a conviction can have long-lasting consequences that affect you for the rest of your life. Enlisting the help of an attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your criminal case.

At The Rodriguez Law Group, our Culver City criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience fighting on behalf of clients just like you. As a former prosecutor, Ambrosio Rodriguez knows exactly what you’re up against. He also knows how to devise a winning defense strategy and help you protect your future. Let our extensive and unparalleled experience benefit you. Call us to arrange a free consultation and learn more.

Why Choose the Rodriguez Law Group as Your Culver City Criminal Lawyers

Have a Former Prosecutor Lead Your Case

Who knows how the criminal justice system in California better than someone who prosecuted thousands of cases? For more than 13 years, that’s what Ambrosio Rodriguez did as a Senior Deputy District Attorney for the state. During that time, he saw, first-hand, exactly how the state builds a criminal case. More importantly, he learned how to identify when, where, why, and how weaknesses in those cases exist.

That’s knowledge that attorney Rodriguez draws on every single day as he defends his clients in Los Angeles County. When you enlist the Rodriguez Law Group for help in your criminal case, you, too, can benefit from the knowledge and experience of a former prosecutor. That can give you the edge you need and help you protect your future.

Demonstrated Track Record of Success and Victories For Our Clients

There’s a reason that former clients recommend the Rodriguez Law Group to friends, family, and strangers on the street. Because we prove, time and time again, that we know how to get the best possible outcomes in the cases we handle. That’s because we care about our clients and do everything we possibly can to help them.

Our team conducts an exhaustive investigation with the aid of experts. We comb through case law and research to find the best defenses for each individual client. We meticulously craft a legal defense strategy that not only creates doubt, but also undermines the state’s case.

In turn, we regularly get evidence in our client’s cases dismissed. We get the charges against our clients dropped. And, thanks to our dynamic courtroom strategies and ability to sway a jury, we secure not guilty verdicts for our clients in court, too.

We Know the Benefit of Expert Testimony

In his time as a prosecutor, Ambrosio Rodriguez relied on expert witnesses and testimony in support of criminal charges. He spent countless hours examining and cross-examining experts in court. Today, as a criminal defense attorney, he does the same thing in defense of his clients. That’s because he knows that expert testimony can make or break a case.

So, the Rodriguez Law Group is not afraid to bring in outside experts when it will benefit you. We’ve spent years cultivating relationships with leading experts in their fields, including:

  • Forensics specialists
  • Ballistics experts
  • Medical professionals
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists
  • Economists
  • Toxicologists
  • Fingerprint examiners
  • Breath test and breathalyzer experts, and more.

If there’s a professional who can help us understand your case and build your defense, we’ll call them. We know that it could be the difference between a conviction and walking away with your future intact.

We Won’t Farm Out Your Case

Choosing a criminal defense attorney is very personal. You have specific reasons for selecting a specific person. Maybe you felt comfortable confiding in them or were confident that they could win your case.  However, some law firms lead you to believe that this is the attorney that will be helping you, only to farm out your case to junior lawyers, interns, and support staff.

At the Rodriguez Law Group, you don’t have to worry about that. At our Culver City law firm, our support staff is there to support our attorneys, not do the legwork. When you hire an attorney at our firm, you can rest assured that they will be personally invested at all stages of your criminal defense. You chose us for a reason, and our lawyers will roll up the sleeves and do the hard work for you.

We Handle All Criminal Matters in Culver City

Our accomplished team of criminal defense attorneys is ready and prepared to defend you against any criminal charges in Culver City. We regularly represent clients who have been arrested for:

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor or are facing more serious felony charges, we can help. Our team can also help you navigate a complex appeals process if you have already been convicted of a crime. Additionally, we can help you petition the court to seal or expunge your record, should you qualify. All you have to do is reach out to our Culver City law office by phone or online to arrange a free consultation and learn more.

Crime Statistics For Culver City, CA

Crime in Culver City has declined in recent years. Despite this, Culver City still sees more crime than most other parts of California. In fact, Culver City’s crime rate is nearly 75 percent higher than California’s. It’s a staggering 90 percent higher than the national crime rate. That’s probably why Culver City gets an “F” when it comes to crime.

According to FBI statistics, there were 1,944 reported criminal events in Culver City in 2018. More than 90 percent of these offenses were property crimes – such as burglary or theft. Less than 10 percent were violent offenses, including robbery, rape, and assault.

Culver City Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Domestic Violence: Whether or not the allegations are false, domestic violence charges are something you have to take seriously. If convicted, you not only face considerable jail time, but might find that you are eventually stripped of your right to see or spend time with your family. The best way to protect yourself from these potential consequences is by fighting the charges aggressively from the moment you’re arrested. Our team will work diligently to disprove the allegations and clear your name.

Drug Crimes: Despite the fact that California has decriminalized recreational marijuana, possessing, selling, or transporting other controlled substances are still very serious crimes. If you’ve been arrested on drug crime charges in Culver City, our attorneys will carefully analyze how the police handled your case. We’ll search for any indication that evidence was seized illegally or that your rights have been violated in some other way. If we can get the evidence tossed, the prosecution will likely have to reconsider its case against you.

DUI: A drunk driving conviction carries serious consequences – including the possibility of jail time and a suspended license. You don’t even have to have a BAC that’s above the legal limit to be found guilty. So, it’s important to make sure that you have an accomplished DUI defense lawyer on your side. Our team will investigate the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest and bring in experts to help us attack the validity and strength of any evidence the state might have.

Federal Crimes: When the federal government decides that something is a crime, you can bet that it will prosecute offenders aggressively. Federal crimes tend to carry sentences that include lengthy terms of imprisonment, expensive fines, and the loss of certain liberties. Our Culver City defense team has represented countless clients in criminal matters in federal court. So, we understand the unique federal criminal justice system and understand what steps must be taken to assert a successful defense.

Juvenile Crimes: When a child is arrested in Culver City, their case will proceed through a special juvenile criminal justice system. These cases are different from other criminal matters, so you need to make sure that your child is represented by a lawyer with experience navigating juvenile matters. Our attorneys have represented countless juveniles in this court system and know how to strategize a successful defense.

Restraining Orders: A restraining order is only issued if a judge believes that there might be a legitimate threat. Sometimes an order is issued, even if allegations are exaggerated or entirely untrue. Regardless, you’re legally required to comply with what the restraining order says. If you violate it intentionally, you will likely face very serious criminal charges. Our team can help you offer a defense to stop a conviction or mitigate any penalties that might be imposed.

Sex Crimes: The state takes any allegations of sexual misconduct or abuse very seriously. Prosecutors will pour considerable time, effort, and resources into getting a conviction. If you are convicted of a sex offense in California, there’s a very real possibility that it will follow you for the rest of your life, especially if you’re required to register as a sex offender. So, an aggressive defense from the get-go is critical. Our team will roll up our sleeves and carefully investigate the charges against you, work diligently to discredit the allegations, and attempt to find evidence to cast doubt on your guilt.

Theft Crimes: Since theft offenses, including shoplifting, robbery, and burglary, are so common in Culver City, the state has ramped up efforts to punish offenders as a deterrent. This means that you can face considerable penalties, even for a relatively minor offense. Our theft crime lawyers know that these cases are complicated and, ultimately, hinge on whether the state can prove intent. We’ll do everything we can to undermine their arguments and make their job as difficult as possible.

Violent Crimes: Violent offenses – including assault, manslaughter, and murder – aren’t taken lightly by the state. Prosecutors are often under additional pressure from victims and their families to get a conviction. So, they’ll go to great lengths to win. So will our violent crime defense lawyers. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation and consult with experts as we devise a dynamic legal defense, just for you. This defense won’t just involve putting forward evidence to show that you’re not guilty; it will involve attacking the state’s case at every turn.

White Collar Crimes: Just because white-collar crimes are “victimless” doesn’t mean that they are taken any less seriously by the state. In fact, in recent years, California has increased its efforts to prosecute defendants accused of white-collar offenses, including fraud and racketeering. A conviction can have devastating consequences, apart from jail time and fines, including the loss of professional licenses and derailing your career. Our firm will devise a defense strategy to help you beat the charges and safeguard your future.

Schedule a Free Consultation With Our Culver City Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you or a loved one have been arrested or charged with a crime in Culver City, do not hesitate to contact the Rodriguez Law Group for immediate legal advice and assistance. In the meantime, do not cooperate with the police or prosecution or answer any questions. Instead, remain silent to ensure that nothing you say can be taken out of context or used against you in court.

Our attorneys will put decades of experience to work for you as we lead your defense. We understand that your future is at stake, and we’ll do everything we can to limit the consequences you face. Our defense strategies regularly help us get the charges against our clients dropped and secure not guilty verdicts in jury trials. Let us fight to do the same for you.

We offer a free initial case assessment, so give our Culver City criminal defense law firm a call today to learn more.